What is your favorite cambon bag color? and my story

  1. I love :heart: Chanel cambon line a lot!! Now I got 2 cambon bags which are pouchette ( in white/black CC), a large tote (in beige/black CC), a pair of Cambon ballet shoes ( in black /white CC ), a Cambon wallet and matching card holder (in black/white CC), and a Cambon medium size wallet ( Pink /Black CC).

    I truly love Chanel Cambon line. Personally I like Pink color :love: and I do love Chanel Pink Cambon but evey time I went to Chanel Boutique I ended up to buy other color which my boyfriend think that it is more practical and looks better than pink. I let he choose them for me coz everything in pink always catch my eyes.

    What is your favorite Cambon color? and what color you have own?

    I plan to buy a Cambon belt too. Anyway, it is rather an expensive belt :sweatdrop: for me. My boyfriend also told me it is rediculous to wear Chanel from head to toe especially in the same line. It is too much. What do you think about this???

    PS: Sorry if I use broken English. I am not originally English-Spoken girl :hysteric:
  2. I think buy the cambon stuff that you like, boyfriends and husbands never know enoguh about womens accessories. I like to mix and match my lines a little, maybe the cambon wallet and cambon bag with plain rhinestone Chanel earrings, etc... I think you should get the belt and wear it with another Chanel bag, maybe the cabas.
  3. i think cambon is a very nice line, casual styled.

    i like beige with black but most of all i absolutely love the cambon with snake skin.

    pink is hot, if you are to buy another cambon item go for pink.

  4. That's a very good idea. Thank you! :nuts:
  5. i only have a cambon wallet. it's black with the black patent cc's. lately i've had the urge to buy the large tote to go with it. the black/black patent is my favorite color. :smile:
  6. My one and only Chanel piece is a Cambon pink/black CC tote. I love it and love pink!
  7. my fave is the black with patent cc's =)
  8. I have the beige reporter with black cc and the black bowler with black cc (non-patent).
  9. I also love the Cambon line, I love the black with white cc, and the khaki with python cc.
  10. i too love the cambon line....i want to get a wallet and the flats and my momo wants to get the tote...my favorite colors are the black w/ white, the beige and the pink
  11. I LOVE the cambon line!!!! I have the black reporter w/white C's and the wallet black w/black c's. I am hoping to get the mini cambon reporter~ I adore it! I say get what you want to buy~ you're the one that's going to use it!
  12. I like the black with white C's
  13. i dont have any but i want the brown

  14. That's what exactly I want and couldn't find one now:wtf:
  15. I have the Black w/ white CC Cambon Tote
    Black w/ black CC Large Reporter
    Black w/ white CC Cambon large wallet

    Vicky--- I love your "broken" English:flowers: