What is your favorite brand of trousers?

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  1. I love a great pair of trousers. For many years I bought trousers from Ann Demeuleemester but since she left the brand I haven't found a brand that is comparable, somewhat classic but with a little edge.
    Trousers that are dressy are easy to find but trousers with a cool casual cut and casual fabric are more difficult.
    What brand is your favorite?
  2. Have you checked out Helmut Lang? Because it's one of my favorites. Also, I bet Alexander Wang has some cool pieces too. Good luck!
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  3. Hi Mia Bella! Thanks for the reply. I will check out Helmut Lang from now on. And AW too. I remember your posts in the Bal forum and always loved your style. ❤️
  4. Theory, fit and quality is excellent.
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  5. Thank you for reminding me of theory. I'm going shopping today and I think they have this at nordstroms. (rose). My emojis won't post!
  6. Vince makes some good casual pants that could dbl as work pants if you order neutral colors, depending on field of work
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  7. Thank you for adding to my list. I don't need work pants , I just like menswear. I wear pants for everything. Just don't care for skirts and dresses at this time. So all these brands are really helpful.
    Thank you!
  8. Gap, Piazza Sempione, Etro.
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  9. the last 2 trousers i bought are from Zara. super comfy and good quality
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  10. Gucci, Joseph and M&S
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  11. Thank you to all who have listed brands.❤️. It's so helpful. I recently got a pair of Annette Gortz trousers that are a linen blend and really like them. Also a slim version of the Row. I'm keeping a list of every brand that you all have mentioned.

    Papertiger , who is M&S? Never thought of Gucci but will go to their store in Beverly Hills next time I'm in LA. I bought a top from Joseph ages ago and forgot about that brand. Will look into that too. Thank you!
  12. Gucci's a bit 'fashion forward' at the moment, I hope there are still some staples to be found among the statements.

    M&S= Marks and Spencer - but they have to be the right ones. They have pointless devisions of in-house brands, most of them are mediocre. Go for M&S Collection (basics/workwear - cotton/2% elastane cropped trousers were great and I bought navy and black). Autograph (their premium range) and Best of British (made in the UK) are usually good too - sometimes it's a joy to have machine washable clothes.

    If you like/d AD (a label I also loved for years and years) I'd look at Helmut Lang and Joseph first
  13. Right now I'm loving Vince, Helmut Lang, Lafayette 148 and Boss
  14. Yes, Gucci has been really interesting lately with 3D graphics on all the fabric. If I time LA to go this month, I should be able to be there when the majority of fall/ winter stuff comes in . I've noticed that in LA , more than other cities, the sales associates snag all the good stuff for their clients. From my experience, you really have to be a shark to find the best stuff in Beverly Hills.
    Marks and Spencer sounds intreaguing. My favorite brand for a long time was Paul Harnden. He's very reclusive and only ships to two stores in the US but his garments are handmade in England. I have a lot of his jackets but his trousers don't work for me. I'm going to google Marks and Spencer right now. Thanks!
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  15. I realize I'm late to the party but I recently found a brand called Nili Lotan in Barneys that had adorable casual trousers...
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