What is your favorite boot style?

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  1. Its boot time again. What is your favorite boot style. I like the classic front lace knee high boot with pointy toe and 4 inch stiletto heel myself.
  2. I prefer a plain, pointed-toe boot with a zipper on the side.

    That said though, I hate my Peony's, and only wear boots when I have to travel to the cold.
  3. I prefer round toe, 4 inch stacked heel and zippers are a big plus. My black Miu Miu boots and brown Sergio Rossi will be worn through come spring :yes:

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  4. mid calf or tall bootie style, rounded toe with a 3" heel...anything made to wear with jeans or slacks. I have some brown suede Cole Haan's with leather trim that are da bomb with my skinny jeans and some black Franco Sarto's that look far more expensive than they are - woo!
  5. Any kind of platform boot... I can walk in those!
  6. round toe, flat heeled, knee high boots - i go for comfort:P
  7. ^that's my fave kind too!:P
  8. Wow! I love those Sergio Rossi boots. I prefer a round toe and solid heel, too. Easier to walk.
  9. 1. slouchy, suede knee-high w/ somewhat pointy toe but not TOO severe
    2. leather, stacked heel zip-ups that hit at the knee...

    yum, i adore boots.
  10. Black knee high leather boot with some slouch and a round toe+ flat or wedge heel. I also like to have a side zipper because it makes it easy to wear with skinny jeans.
  11. ITA!

    I'd love to find an awesome ankle boot, but most I try on seem costume-y
  12. pointy tooed, with a super high heel. but usually, those aren't the best for walking over ice and such.