What is your favorite big cat?

  1. I'm a Cheetah person myself. I love watching Cheetahs run, I could watch them run all day.

    Next would be Tigers, because they just look great.

    Snow Leopards come third, beautiful coat.
  2. I couldn't choose, they are all so beautiful and majestic :girlsigh::love:
  3. The snow leopard - they just so beautiful, and also endangered I think.
  4. Panthers have always been my favorite but I really think all the big cats are beautiful.
  5. white tiger. the are gorgeous.

  6. i agree!!! :tup:
  7. Jaguars. All big cats are beautiful though.
  8. I don't think I can choose, I love big cats! I love tigers so much but I love lions too so if I had to choose, I could narrow it down to those two.
  9. Black panthers.
    Our Domestic Short-Haired black cat thinks he's a panther.
  10. Clouded Leopards, they have beautiful giant eyes and I love the long rosettes on their coats.