What is your favorite Beach Tote/Bag (for travels)?

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  1. Hi Ladies~

    I am looking for a cool beach tote that I can pack/fold in a suitcase~ do you have a favorite?? My budget allows up to about $500... Any material is fine with me, just so it is pretty worry-free. THANKS in advance...:P
  2. Before I read your budget, I immediately thought you should buy a Longchamp Pliage bag. They are available in a number of sizes, and a great range of colours.

    They are a basically a nylon bag, but with leather handles. They pack flat and make great travelbags and handbags.
  3. Along the same lines as Le Pliage, I have a Herve Chapelier that I use for kid outings / beach / pool, etc. I bought it when I was pregnant with DD2 four years ago because I saw pics of Reese Witherspoon using hers as her diaper bag. It's held up very well, it's extremely sturdy and I've even washed it in the washing machine to get some stains off. But it's WAY under $500....
  4. Thank you! I was thinking about a Longchamp.... Oh, I don't NEED to spend $500 ;) cheaper would be better!
  5. ^ ITA longchamp! You can wash it if it becomes dirty and it folds up tiny.
  6. You should try search, there are a ton of threads about bags for travel and bags for the beach.
  7. Definitely a Longchamp Pliage!
  8. Coach is working with Pierre Le-Tan for an upcoming line for spring, it all looks to be beach inspired and very cute. Here is a thread about the line. First post on the 2nd page of the thread has pricing info....