What is your Favorite BBag Moto Style/Size and Why


Which is your favorite Balenciaga Style

  1. City

  2. Part Time

  3. Work

  4. Others (Sunday, Velo, Town, Twiggy, Brief ...etc)

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  1. i've got my olive first up for adoption on marketplace if you're interested.
    i'm still attached to my rouge twiggy. :love:
  2. Magenta! I want one in the first size so badly :sad2:
  3. LMAO :p

    Magenta hands down!

    Hey Vixy - at least I didn't publicly admit sold the first three magenta city's - :smile:
  4. The intense deep colors--Magenta, Bordeaux. I've never seen Eggplant in real life, but would probably swoon. I like the Classique and the Purse--am partial to flatter handbags in general.
  5. Definitely magenta, in the hobo style! Sadly, I don't own any Balenciaga bags. Just can't get past the $1000 price. :wacko: Here's a pic borrowed from an eBay auction...
  6. There better not be a fourth time either!!! I'm warnin ya! LOL!
  7. I saved a pic of a PF member's bag because I liked the color so much. I forget whose bag it is.:shame: Can you tell me what color this is? This is my all time favorite color!
  8. I just thought of a question & I can't add it to my orignal post....will they be making more bright colors? I read the post on the new colors & while they seem lovely they seem more like fall colors. Will they be making more "cornflower-like" colors? Or are they going towards the darker & more nuetral colors?
  9. 1. Eggplant city(my most coveted bag right now)
    2. Magenta first
    3. Pewter city
    4. Turquoise hobo
    5. Lilac (04?) city or twiggy

    I think my b-collection would be complete and happy then....:love:
  10. My favorite color is 04 turquoise, and eggplant is a close second. My favorite styles are the first and the twiggy. I would love love loooove a turquoise twiggy or first!!!
  11. City bag = favorite style

    Ice blue = Favorite color

    Followed by Eggplant, and I think I would very much love a seafoam bag one day (if I ever see a real one). :p
  12. Ooooohhhhh! How did I ever forget about seafoam! Seafoam, I would take you in any shape or form! :love:
  13. City, definitely the City! I only have the ink, but I love it! But I am on the lookout for dolma green, calcaire, and the fall colors!

  14. This bag is completely stunning. Maybe it's the lighting, but it looks like a cross between rose and magenta, can't figure out which one it is. The leather looks so amazing!!