What is your Favorite BBag Moto Style/Size and Why

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Which is your favorite Balenciaga Style

  1. City

  2. Part Time

  3. Work

  4. Others (Sunday, Velo, Town, Twiggy, Brief ...etc)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just curious:amuse: . We all have so many ideas on our favorite color and style of Balenciaga. If you could choose or already own, what is your most to die for color and style Balenciaga. I loved my white City and Im crazy :wacko: about my apple First. How about you?;) If you have pics. I would love to see them. Can never get enough Bbag eye candy:love:
    DSC03255.JPG DSC03250.JPG
  2. Ooh. Aren't yours pretty! My favorite color that I have is Ink. The colors that I want would be a bordeaux and/or dark brown. My favorite style is the Medium City.
  3. Magenta and Turquoise 2005 City :love:
  4. I only have the ink city- but have my eye on a sky blue first (trying to hold off) and cannot wait for the fall b-bags. I really want a city in truffle!!!
  5. I have black, pistachio city and 03 red and 03 emerald first..
    I love my black city.. and am thinking about getting another city.. :biggrin:
  6. My favorite styles are 1° First 2° Twiggy.. My favourite colours are calcaire 2005 pre-fall and grey 2006 pre-spring.. and i haven't... I have a twiggy caramel pre-fall 05 and a turquoise 05 first
  7. Apple Green. No Seafoam. Eggplant. Turquoise. Magenta. Ink. Caramel. Pewter. Sky Blue. Teal. Bordeaux. Rouge. Ice Blue. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: Aaaahhhhhhh - look what you did! :wacko:

    ;). Well, I'm fortunate enough to own my dream balenciaga, which is the apple green city. My other dream was the ice blue hobo, but I don't have that. :sad:

    ETA: Forgot Calcaire, Emerald, Chocolate and Cornflower. :wacko:
  8. magenta and pistachio!
  9. Well, my favorite style is the box and color is eggplant, but if I ever see one I'll know its a fake because they didn't have the box style when eggplant was around!!
  10. sweetsparkle, that would be me too!!!!! :love: :nuts:

    btw, ranskimmie, beautiful bags!!!! :love:
  11. You are great:biggrin:
    I feel the same way about the colors. Your apple city is really nice looking! Seriously lucky girl to have scored that one:P
  12. Oh! My turquoise 2005 city is on it's way to NYC! I should get it by Friday. :biggrin: So i think my b-bag collection is complete unless I can get my hands on a pistachio.....:love:
  13. Hmmm... I want....OUPS I mean like: eggplant, seafoam, 03 emerald, 04 marron and grey! I also love ice blue and ink which I have thankfully!
  14. btw, ranskimmie, beautiful bags!!!! :love:[/quote]

    Had to sell my White City:cry: . But I dont think I'll ever get rid of my apple:love:
  15. Hey girls!
    I have been contemplating a cornflower twiggy. What do ya think? I have always been a City girl.