What is your favorite bag to take on a beach vacation?

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  1. We always think of up new excuses to buy bags :biggrin:
    I'm going to Cancun for a dental vacation in a less than a couple of months (yay and not so yay because of the reason!) and I'm not sure what to bring. My damier pochette always goes with me everytime I travel, but I don't have a medium sized bag yet. Because this vacation is costing quite a bit, I'll probably end up buying a generic tote, or something designer but preloved. Maybe a Monty or Neverfull if one comes up within my tight budget :biggrin:

    But just curious, what is/are your favorite LV/LVs to bring on beach vacations?
  2. I always bring my Neverfull on beach vacations...it's such a handy beach tote!
  3. Neverfull is great for vacation, but I usually only take my it only to the pool - makes a great carry-on. I love Azur for vacation - never can go wrong with a Speedy. For the actual beach (i.e. - sand, salt water, wet towels) I just use a Kate Spade beach bag - I won't take LV to the beach since I am usually underwater.
  4. Neverfull Ebene & Speedy Azur..

    Azur with sand and the sea. It's the perfect match (:
  5. Anything with out vachetta. I would love the azur NF but would be worried about the vachetta the whole time. Damier would be my choice.
  6. I have an Azur Hampstead which goes with me on vacation. But for an actual day at the beach, I don't take LV (too much sand!), but instead a cheaper tote.
  7. NF in azur or ebene is a nice beach tote :smile:
  8. Azur NF.. mine's patina'd already so not fussed about it!! :okay:
  9. I live in South Florida and my LV's practically melt in my car on the front seat on the way to the grocery store. I can't imagine them on the beach! Maybe if I still lived in New York....
  10. NF in Damier Azur...wonderful match with the sea, sun and sand. :biggrin:
  11. If I was going to a beach with my beloved... I would buy an azur galliera!
  12. Would never take my LVs to the actual beach. Just the sand/humidity/water is not a good combo for LV IMO. My NF is my travelling tote on the plane, and then probably my Eva clutch for sightseeing and evening use. How about a Longchamp Le Pliage for the beach/pool? That's what I use and its perfect - great bag, no worries.
  13. damier neverfull!
  14. def neverfull!!!
  15. I never take LVs on the beach. Louis stays home and Vera Bradley (yes ladies I said Vera Bradley!) goes to the beach. I have a Vera Bradley Super Tote in Riviera Blue for the sand and sea! Best thing about the Riviera Blue pattern is that it even looks great when your man carries it!