What Is Your Favorite Bag From The Mc Line??

  2. Well its not really a bag, but I love the white MC wapity. So darn cute!
  3. Alma in white.
  4. Shirley !!!! in White
  5. Speedy In White
  6. Gracie in white followed by the Audra.
  7. Audra in black. I love mine!
  8. Alma and Speedy!
  9. Alma in white and speedy in black!!!:love:
  10. Gracie in white.. so limited ed though !

    Normal line, I like the shirley !
  11. I just love the mini HL in white. So cute...
  12. Speedy and Audra in White! :smile:
  13. i would say it's a tie between the white alma and the black speedy
  14. shirley in white!
  15. Lodge, and alma, and speedy.
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