What is your favorite bag, Color or style?

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  1. I have some older and some newer used Louis Vuitton bags and I have been thinking about selling them and I am curious as to what styles would be more appealing and what colors.
    Please let me know I am very curious!

    Also I will be going away for a trip what bag should I get to use for a carry on?


  2. mY FAVORITE ALL TIME BAG IS my LV EPI 30 speedy in black with gold hardware-i love that bag and have had it for several years-i got her when she was 890.00:woohoo:
    As for a carry on-i love the chelsea damier tote, carefree and wonderful size!
  3. -My favorite bag?...that I own? or want? My favorite that I own would be my Burberry satchel with black leather trim. That I want..I have many favorites that I want. Louis Vuitton Neverfull (damier or monogram), miu miu bow satchel (grey) ...ahh theres just too many. I need to pay off my credit cards first though, unfortunately :sad:
    -ooo do you have pictures of your LV bags? i'd love to see them or the ones your thinking of selling.
    -As for your trip, I would use the biggest bag you have for a carry on. Big bags are my favorite to use for a trip/flying. It just fits everything.
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    Please read our rules - do not ever discuss or list what you're selling, it's strictly prohibited!
  5. You're not supposed to post your auctions or sell on TPF.
  6. ps all of my bags are guaranteed authentic!!!!! i am against selling fakes
  7. my appologies!! todays my first day on here :s

    im not sure how else to get pictures up here
  8. well ladies! thanks for your help!
  9. ooo nice LV collection(and you have the neverfull)!..I'll keep checking your ebay site.
  10. those are just ones im thinking about selling lol

    I am a louis vuitton addict! other lvs i have are

    lv cabas piano
    lv popincourt haut with matching wallet
    lv black multicolor alma matching lv zippy wallet
    lv damier azur speedy matching lv zippy wallet
    lv crossaint pm
    lv papillion cherry blossom
    lv sac plat
    lv denim speedy pm case
    and more but thats pretty much my other lvs i have a few gucci bags as well and some coach, chanel, dooney and bourke lol

    EVERYONE THAT KNOWS ME KNOWS I AM A PURSE ADDICT BUT louis vuitton is my main love lol:love:
  11. HI, everyone is responsible for reading and understanding our rules before they post on tPF.