What is your favorite azur bag?

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  1. Hi everyone I need some help again!! I really want an azur bag but cannot decide. I think a neverfull or an artsy but then I like the speedy too. What are your thoughts or your favorite azur bag?
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with my Azur bags. I loooove them soooo much. I hate that I can only use them with lighter colors since I worry about color transfer. No problems yet. 😃 Although yesterday I wore dark denim and did not have time to change my bag...... I looked ridiculous holding the bag away from me but whatever. We all had a good laugh in my office building! The Artsy in Azur is on my list. I have multiple Artsy bags and I really love the detail of the handle. Have you considered the Delightful in Azur? Looks like a great light bag for spring and summer. You can also get the interior in beige, pink or rose ballerine.
  3. I don't have a favorite but I'd love to see a cute structured hand-held bag like an Azur Duomo. I'm not crazy about any of the designs out at the moment.
  4. My favorite Azur bag is the Totally MM. I get it out when the weather warms up and use it all summer - this is my 4th year. I love the outside pockets - I store my sunglasses on one side and my keys on the other, those pockets make it very convenient to use.

    I also have the Sarcusa MM shoulder bag - I'm not sure it I got the name right but it's close to that. I don't use it near as much as the Totally. I do love the Azur bags and haven't noticed any marks in all this time. They are a nice change from the mono.

  5. I'm not sure if I want it quite that slouchy but I have considered it!
  6. Figheri and Siracusa

  7. I wasn't too hot for any of the new designs they just added, I wish they had something that just made you think--that's it, that's the one! I need that bag
  8. The Cabas Adventure bag
  9. Azur speedy b looks the best !
  10. the croisette :heart: It's a beautiful little bag. :heart:
  11. The Girolata. Love love love this bag.
  12. +2
    And the Artsy in Azur. :biggrin:
  13. I love the Croisette too, I just wish it was a little bigger, more the size of the pochette Metis.
  14. I love both the speedy and neverfull in azur
  15. My first LV last summer, still one of my very favorites to carry! I don't have any issues with color transfer...knock on wood :smile:

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