What is your FAVORITE (and least favorite) pizza topping?

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  1. Sometimes mine is black olive.

    Sometimes I think it's peppers and onion (cooked well).

    Sometimes I'm REALLY in the mood for pepperoni.

    Okay, truth is - I very rarely come across a pizza topping I don't like.

    My least favorite would be anchovies.

    I also could never get a taste for pineapple and ham on a pizza.

    How about you?

    What are you favorite and least favorite toppings?
  2. Ooo!! My favorite toppings.

    1. Proscuitto, arugula:drool:
    2. Ham, egg, mozzarella, black olives
    3. Pepperoni
    4. Vegan vegetable pizza

    Ones I don't like

    1. Too much cheese.
    2. Any "white" pizza like alfredo and chicken.
    3. Anything with lots of garlic or onions on it.
  3. I think this thread is going to be interesting AS WELL as FUN.
    I've never heard of egg on a pizza before!
    Thank you for posting!

  4. ^^Yes this thread is going to be fun!! I can't wait to see what other people like on their pizzas!:PThe egg on the pizza is something I had in Italy.:shrugs:Maybe its an Italian thing?
  5. Favorite: Kalamata Olives

    Least Favorite: Any meat topping
  6. Least favorite - anchovies, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, Canadian bacon

    Favorite - I'm boring - extra cheese! :smile:
  7. My favourites are these three...

    Ham, pineapple and sweetcorn
    A simple pepperoni
    Chicken and mushroom with sweetcorn

    My least favourites are any with tuna or anchovies!

    Any others I'm happy with. :smile:
  8. Favorite: sausage, canadian bacon, black olives, mushrooms, peppers
    Least favorite: onions, broccoli, pineapple

    I wouldn't say I hate any pizza toppings, but there are some I wouldn't order on a pizza.
  9. I like most toppings... Bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni, mayo!

    Don't like olives or pineapple on my pizza...
  10. alll pizza toppings. just give me plain cheese pizza and i will be okay
  11. Sweet corn.
    Very interesting.
    You just reminded me of something...

    When I traveled to Taipei (probably 10 years ago) and we were visiting some of our offices, they ordered pizza for us.

    There was corn on the pizza and I'd NEVER seen that before.

    Do you mind saying what (general - not asking for specific) area you're from?

  12. Mayo?
    As in mayonnaise?
    As in Hellmann's or Miracle Whip?

    Do you use this as a topping?
    Is it baked on with the cheese and sauce or used as a dip?
    Or is it incorporated as a 'white pie' type of thing?

    I thought the egg was going to be my biggest surprise in this thread - but I think the mayo is surprising me far more than the egg.

    Thank you for posting!
  13. I absolutely detest anchovies on pizza. Blegghh!! I also don't like white pizzas either, or any kind of sausage or ham.

    Almost anything else is fair game.

    My absolute fave is:
    thin sliced potatoes
    truffle oil
    topped with a fried egg

    Next fave is: California Pizza Kitchen's chicken club.

    I love any pizza with spinach, pepperoni and artichokes too! I love pizza so much I'd almost rather just pick off what I hate than turn down a slice!
  14. I don't like pizza.
  15. Potato on a pizza.
    Now I am in love!!!

    Way to make an Irish girl smile!