What Is Your Favorite All-time Bag Style?

  1. What bag is just "your style" at the moment? What shape handbag is your absolute favorite?

    Mine's the "Kelly Bag" by Hermes. I just love it! It's IMO, sophisticated, classy, small to medium, and never goes out of style. Doesn't weigh down your shoulders, for those with bad backs, filling it with too much junk, and looks "put-together" with just about any outfit. IMO anyway.

    What's your favorite today?:flowers:
  2. I have 2 favorite styles now and always: satchel and hobo. I love how comfy the hobo is on my shoulder. And a satchel always helps me feel "put-together" and grown-up.:biggrin:
  3. I love a clutch for evening (even with jeans)...it looks classy. For the daytime I like a handheld best.
  4. I like totes, mainly cause I can carry my books in them.. :lol:
  5. The Bucket is #1 for me....it just grows on you...so easy to carry and use...

    I had to order the large Bucket b/c it is just so lovely!!!!
  6. Totes, because I have so much stuff!
  7. The Hermes Kelly,Chanel Classic flap,Louis Vuitton speedy's,and tote bags =D
  8. Satchels!!
  9. I would have to say satchels too :jammin:
  10. I looooove totes. I'd say totes, then satchels.
  11. I love satchels and am always drawn towards them but most are handheld. So Hobo styles are my next favorite. I need a shoulder strap so my hands are free most time. I hate carrying two bags of groceries in the house and having to use my hand for the tote.
  12. I like totes and hobos. I like clutches too but only for special occassions or if it goes with the outfit.
  13. Yeah what Kathy said ^^^ I LOVE shoulder totes and hobos, but when I go out I love a little pouchette.
  14. For me it's the Fendi Spy.
  15. Hobos.