What is your fave Mulberry leather?

  1. I'm a darwin girl through and through:heart:. It was that rugged looking leather that attracted me to the Mulberry section of house of fraser that day and started my Mulberry addiction!!!! (Is it me or are there not many darwin bags in the 'new' collection?)
    So what leather do you love?:graucho: (the reply 'skin tight' is not allowed!!!!!!)
  2. Yep, Darwin for me - as I see it, it is the quintessential Mulberry leather! I also love congo, have to admit I prefer classic congo the new crocoprint. :heart: the smell of mulberry leather...
  3. darwin for me aswell!
  4. Oak darwin :heart: It is just such a stunning leather. I guess darwin in general but the oak is just very, very special.

    I'd also like to give an honorable mention to soft nappa which should be used in more bags. It's lightweight, water-resistant and really robust :yes:
  5. I just arranged my bags on a shelf and I realized that they are all Mulberry and congo (not counting one H, one vintage lizard and two bejewelled clutches). Not much doubt about my favourite :shame:
  6. Since I only have Darwin, that's it!!! Although, everytime I look at DCGlam's purple glove, I love it!!

    MsReya, love the fact that you have that lovely Hermes along side of the Mulberry bags!!! Very cool!! Do you wear the scarves as well??? I am becoming quickly addicted to them as I am sure I will not ever own the bag...
  7. kroquet, I have 8 carres and one pointu and I use them daily, not in the summer though, too darn hot. Maybe as a belt with jeans... And at the moment it's below freezing here, so I'm using my Mulberry checkered woolen scarf with the traditional colours.

    Please don't say you'll NEVER ever gonna, I never thought I'd have one either, but dreams come true :girlsigh:
    And the small lether accessories :heart: they're almost better than the bags (read=affordable):shame: :lol:
  8. Agree with you on that one, my black araline still looks like new :tup:
  9. Ms Reya - maybe some day. I do love the scarves. Just bought my first and now I am bidding on the LeTarot by Annie Faivre. We'll see!! I think that for me, the silk chiffon would be better in the summer, but then I am in an office all day and then my car. In other words, not pounding pavement in a city. Ugh, with my hot flashes, that would be torture!!!!
  10. Well after taking Annie out in a snowstorm on friday night I would say she

    wins hands down!!

    Darwin 100%!!!
  11. Tara, didnt your Annie get any water marks??
  12. Darwin for me,the oak..................mmm,it just ages to such a beautiful color...............*sigh*
  13. darwin with glove a close second x :rolleyes:
  14. the darwin is classic i am not convinced veg tan has the same qualities as the darwin ??whereas glove seems to be more daring in the colourways to give the classic designs a new lease of life :heart:
  15. oh darwin without a doubt be it oak, choc or black:tup: