what is your fave louboutin color?

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  1. i wanted to hear some feedback from you ladies? What is you favorite color in louboutin shoes... black? nude? .. bright colors?
  2. Have to admit, going through a bright colours phase at the moment - teal Steva, purple rolandos, red karey decolettes. Black is always the practical choice but somehow it's the brigt colours that make me feel like I'm treating myself :P

    And still looking for that EB Declic :heart:
  3. I'm loving wine red shades and nudes at the moment.
  4. i have to say i adore my camel simples more than i could have ever imagined. the color goes with everything and makes me so happy. i also love the denim blue i have. it's a very different color blue. generally love the grey and wine patent. and nude. love nude.
  5. love the patent nude of course...starting to notice EB Declics too but i'm wondering if I will be able to wear them since they are so high...i like yellow too but haven't found the right style..
  6. Chins: are you still looking for the purple rolandos in 7? I don't know if you saw this:
  7. Fav color is.....uhh......patent! :P
  8. I think for me its easier to say the colors I wouldnt buy I love ALL the colors on CLs. The colors I tend to not purchase has nothing got to do with CLs but just in general I will avoid Brown and grey but I am very open to anything else ..
  9. I still like black the best .. i guess its just me (im scared of bright colors)
  10. I particular like to see woman in Black, Red and Blue high heels (not all at the same time though :lol:).
  11. As always black! But my fav is red!!
  12. Black, and nude! I also love the red of the Rolando, that wine red...yum!
  13. :roflmfao:ITA
  14. Nude patent. Who am I kidding? I show no favortism toward one particular color. I don't buy too many chocolate brown CLs though, but that's more b/c I don't wear chocolate brown as much as black and other fun colors.
  15. That's a tough one.
    I don't think I can name a favorite. CLs capture the prefect shade of any color used. They make me (pink hater) like their bubble gum, magenta and fuschia! :nuts: