What is your fav makeup look on yourself?

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  1. OK here is my fav "everyday" look:

    -Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizing Tint in "Extra Light"
    -a few dots of MAC Select Fluid (?) in NW20 around nose to even any redness
    -MAC Select Concealer
    -Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder in "Pale Yellow"
    -Benefit "Dandelion" blush
    -Guerrlain "Blondes 1" bronzer
    -Maybelline Great Lash "Black Brown" mascara
    -MAC "Shroom" eyeshadow
    -MAC black eyeliner
    -Shashbox Brow Tech

    Whew!! Sounds like alot, but it looks super natural...kinda that look that Jessica Simpson does when she is more "casual".

    So what do you ladies love on yourself the most??:yes:
  2. eve rsince i dyed my hair jet black i have been OBSESSED with wearing red lipstick.......i put just a tad of eyeliner around my eyes, alot of mascara and the red lipstick........i wish i could wear it everyday but its more for evening
  3. Bare Minerals foundation, mineral veil, blush, MAC blot powder in light, and Clinique black honey.
  4. LM tinted moisterizer, very light touch of LM blush, swipe of chanel glossimers, LM brow powder, *MAC or LM eyeshadows/mascara/eyeliner

    *if I actually have time for that.
  5. My favourite look is very natural, just a bit of foundation under the eyes and lightly brushed all over (I like the body shops all in one face base)

    MAC eyeshadow (yogurt specifically and some black eyeshadow lightly applied near the eyelashes and smudged - eyeliner or any type of kohl does not suite me)


    Lip moisturizer, I dislike putting any colour or wet gloss on my lips, they're quite plump and I don't need them to look any larger. :shame:
  6. My favourite look is when i go out, probably because I don't go out very often lol so i get bored of the natural look and love to jazz up my eyes!
  7. Mac Concealor under the eyes (it has SPF 30!)
    Benefit Get Even or Mac sheer powder
    My Best Makeup purchase of 2006, MAC's limited edition eye palette in Smokey Eyes: malt, vex, satin taupe, club, gentle fume, and black tied. I don't wear all of the colors at once, but I can go light day smokey eye to dark night smokey eye with just one compact!
    Lip Venom pink shimmer

    Sounds like a lot, but by the end of the day, it usually looks like i'm not wearing any makeup.
  8. guierlan sunblock
    guierlan pressed powder ( sometimes i use their concealer)
    maybelline mascara
    lip balm
  9. I love smokey eyes with graphite colored eyeshadow, soft shimmery gold cheeks, and a hint of lip gloss.
  10. MAC eye shadow in Maulch (sp really off I bet)
    Little black eye liner
    Black Mascara

    And Dior gloss
  11. For day? Clinique makeup, urban decay eyeliner in bronze and L'Occitane orange sorbet gloss lol... gives new meaning to bare face.
  12. Wow...

    My Neutrogena chapstick is my daily makeup :sweatdrop:
  13. flawless skin, smokey eyes, light pink sparkely lips and light bronzer....very j.lo but with smokey eyes. :o)
  14. My everyday look.

    -L'Oreal eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I have almost black hair, dark hazel-ish eyes, pale olive skin, but sparse brows which look really awkward.
    -Maybelline eyeshadow in a roller-tube in a copper colour
    -sometimes powder foundation. Mostly covergirl, sometimes Almay, depending on what I can afford. I got Avon and Shishido as gifts before. I don't use any, but use oil-absorbing sheets...my complexion is pretty good as-is.
  15. during the week I stay home and dont wear much makeup. If I go out shopping I will go with a very bare natural look. Bare minerals foundation, warmth face color, mascara and tinted gloss. But..for nights out I love to jazz it up with either smoky eyes, nude lips, or a neutral eye and bold lips. depends on my mood and what I decide to wear lol.Sometimes I even wear a sparkly eyeliner and faux lashes. This look I cant over do because I dont want to be mistaken for (gasp) a drag queen.