What is your fav lower end bag & do you feel guilty when you carry it over LV bags?

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  1. I might sound nuts here. But it's been a while since I bought anything LV because I found my collection was varied enough. But lately I have been carrying a Michael Kors Gia satchel and I love how its structured shape is so different from my typical LV bags. I must also admit I really like not seeing so many other bags like mine out there. And the durability of the bag; along with the eh not that concerned about it because it wasn't that much $. But at the same time I can't help but think how much more I spent on my LV bags and feel I should be carrying them instead. Am I the only one?
  2. OMG I FEEL THE SAME!!!! I only carry my speedy and I left my other bags because I feel guilty :sad:
  3. I have a beautiful ombre LAMB bag in the color "rainforest." It's not "low end" at about 800 bucks, but It's been neglected because of my love of LV. I'll try to get her some play time soon :smile:
  4. longchamp veau foulonne - only coz my closet is a total disaster & that bag is within reach.
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