What is your fav. Lipstick brand and which color?

  1. I have no favorite but many times I ended up buying the same lipstick colour toned. Just wanna ask what is your guys fav. brand and color? I might have an idea for my purchase.

    Please, also stated both lipstick and lip gloss. Thank you!

    Oh! any recommended for an Asian girl with fair skin like me?
  2. I love the texture of the Shiseido lipsticks, so moisturizing and smoothe! Plus, I think all of their colors compliment us fair-skinned Asian gals :tup: Another favorite of mine is Nars. Try going to a Sephora or any makeup counter and playing around! That's how I discover good colors. Hope this helps!
  3. Second vote for Shiseido. The new lipgloss colours are awesome! Especially this one shimmery golden pink, I think it's G24 or G27... Clinique's lipsticks are also very nice and creamy. I like Beachy Pink and Black Honey. These 3 are all I ever wear! Oh, and Rimmel's Jelly in clear.
  4. I can't pick just one, but a few longtime favorite lipsticks are:

    Clinique Black Honey
    Clinique Bamboo Pink
    MAC Sophisto
    Giorgio Armani #21 (wore this on my wedding day)
    NARS Dolce Vita

    I've gone through multiple tubes of most of the above. :tup:
  5. I almost forgot this one! I love it too! :supacool::yes:

  6. Wow!! I will try it. It should be a very nice color :smile:
  7. Shiseido is great! I am also Asian with fair skin, so I tend to buy a lot of pink with golden undertones. I would not recommend Estee Lauder; a lot of their colors have blue tints that don't flatter our skin color.
  8. I usually like lip gloss more than lipstick, but my all time favorite lipstick is MAC lipstick in Smile.
  9. nars dolce vita
    mac fluid, diva, o
    pretty much all of shu's lipsticks (lol)
  10. Lipstick: Mac - "O" which I wear alone most time, but for a little more dramatic look, I use Mac lipglass - Oh baby over "O"
  11. MAC Jubilee is my fave!! I wear sublime culture liner under it.
  12. Laura Mercier Discretion, thanks to this thread. I lovvvve it!!! :nuts: It's the PERFECT nude color without looking ashy.
  13. MAC "Blankety" lipstick + Lancome's "Spring Fling" gloss.

    Pinky nude with lots of shine.
  14. Chanel - Flamingo - sadly tho they don't make it anymore :crybaby:

    Dior Gloss in Jersey Pink!

    The Stila Lipglazes for everyday - tho sometimes they can get too sticky.
  15. #16 by Clarins. It's red and I'm already on my second one.