What is your fav. color for Classic Q Natasha

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  1. Hi All

    Nordstrom just put the classic q natasha in red hot on sale (33% off!)
    I had ordered the raw sugar (white), newsprint (grey-olive) ones myself...and now I'm thinking if it's worthwhile ordering the red hot one.

    Any thought?
    Do you think the red hot went on sale cuz it's a vibrant color and not as practical as the neutrals (white and grey?) Do you love your red hot if you have one?


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  2. newsprint!
  3. newsprint & red hot!
  4. I think you have sales goggles and should stick with the color that you know you'll love! :tup:
  5. I think the red hot bag went on sale cause of valentine's day.

    Andddd I like the Raw Sugar, but I don't think it's practical, therefore I prefer the newsprint.
  6. Have you seen Red Hot in person? That should be a pretty good indicator also - the color is pretty vibrant. Beautiful though!

    Newsprint is basically sold out everywhere so scoring that :tup:
  7. i have raw sugar and love it... :smile:
  8. The raw sugar is on its way to my house tonight :smile:.
    I will post pics :smile:!

    I think I"ll keep either raw sugar or newsprint. I should keep what I really want but not the one on sale I guess.
  9. Yay! Can't wait to see your pics!
  10. I think the red hot one is a great deal at that price! I was thinking about getting it myself. I saw it IRL and it's a lovely and wearable shade of red.