What is your fav bag from the Legacy collection?

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  1. Mine is probably either the Mandy Courier or satchel in whiskey...yumm!!
  2. mine is the ali in whiskey or the shoulder one in whiskey.
  3. I like the mandy courier.
  4. I like the Mandy Courier too.
  5. Shoulder - whiskey and a very close second is the Ali.
  6. satchel.. but I do love their fold over wristlets as well!
  7. Shoulder bag in whiskey. YUM! :drool:
  8. Shoulder bag - LOVE those functional front pockets!
  9. my whiskey ali!!
  10. I really like the Mandy courier too. I also like the Katy travel bag (large striped tote) for work as I don't like to carry screaming logos to work. The stripes are fun!
  11. Shoulder bag . . .but if I had the $ - Mandy courier. It's just such a nice design!
  12. Satchel
  13. Ali is whiskey =)
  14. Hippie in Whiskey