What is your fantasy dream home like?

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  1. Mine is a lighthouse.

    Close second is a multi-level treehouse.

    Guess I like to be up high....
  2. I think tree houses are terrific, there are some homes built around trees or up high in trees but you need to have that kind of solitude required for living in a tree I think?

    Would love a glass house overlooking the ocean. One of our members on tPF showed her home with such a view and that just blew me away. Would also like a minimalist home.

    Guess I like to feel free... :smile:
  3. I would love a master bedroom with a window wall overlooking the ocean, I love the ocean its so peaceful. Guess this means I would want a beach house of some sort or a home that sits up high in the hills.
  4. A Weehouse in the woods.
  5. Mine is a mid century ranch house all furnished mid century in the woods, as seen on apartment therapy....
  6. A castle....but all modernized :smile: I spent the night in one built back in the 12 or 1300s and it was so cool!
  7. OK so this is a dream house. Private game reserve in South Africa. The house on the property would look like something Ernest Hemingway would of stayed in. Open floor plan colonial would be close. High on a hill with a view of a lake or river running through the property.
    I consider my home now my stateside dream home. Gotta have the unobstructed view, number one important feature for me.
  8. 10 car garage :smile:
  9. I would love a victorian house that had been modernised inside but kept some of the original features.
  10. On a cliff overlooking the ocean or a beach house--I just want to be on the water with amazing views.
  11. An extremely modern square house with an atrium in the middle where the cats could g o outside and be totally protected. With an inside outside pool. Large bathrooms with large jacuzzi baths. Walkin large closet.

    Just dreaming....
  12. I have a few, Key West cottage in all white with hints of pastels. A totally shabby chic beach look with the tin roofs and wrap around porches with white wicker furniture on it.

    Ultra modern Asian style house with tons of windows to bring the outdoor in. I guess I have been watching too many S. Korean dramas and fell in love with their houses. A house with wood, glass, bamboo plants and a stunning garden outside.

    Love a house that is centered with a interior courtyard that all the rooms open up to. There is a development like this on the weat coast of Florida in the area near Seaside. I like my privacy in a yard and hate to look at neighbors. To have all rooms open into a courtyard with a pool and great garden area along with a water feature would be great. I have lived in houses in Florida with interior atriums and courtyard areas. That was one of the best features of the houses.

    Sadly most builders up here build the same type of houses--nothing to get excited about.
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    :smile: My dream home development www.alysbeach.com Check out the homes. Love the interior courtyards. I get most of my decorating ideas from this site. You have to go into the real estate rentals to see the homes. Their are only two for sale in the regular real estate section, but the rental selection has tons of them. I love the designs and how the houses were made to live in the environment with white roofs to reflect the heat, ect.
  14. Exactly! I adore old homes, the older the better! A Venetian palazzo or a 14th century manor house...a moated castle.. fully restored, historically accurate but with all the mod cons.


    Bodiam Castle


    Chateau Chenonceau
  15. Anything on the beach!