What is your experience with shipping your beloved LV's internationally?

  1. I am getting a bag shipped to me internationally for the first time. The seller has been gracious enough to ask me what shipping service I prefer--DHL or Fed EX.

    I've never done this before and remember reading various horror stories about lost or stolen international packages. Furthermore DHL lost a package for me earlier this year that was only coming from California :Push:

    So any advice or recommendations that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks In Advance:heart:
  2. I actually hate both of those shipping services, but if I had to pick one over the other, I'd pick Fed-Ex. DHL has had some serious shipping problems, and I've heard more horror stories from them than any other service.

    Although I've only used fed-ex domestically, it took me a month to receive a package from DHL overseas...but I guess it depends on what type of shipping method your seller is planning to use.
  3. I just got my Vanilla Speedy from Let-Trade and made it to me finally :choochoo:. They use regular EMS service with tracking.

    I personally prefer FedEx over DHL, although DHL is more popular overseas I think

  4. How long did EMS take?

    Sorry, but what does that stand for? :shame:
  5. I'm always sending stuff overseas eg/ to Canada or to the States... i reckon if you use the correct methods of shipping etc... everything will be alright for sure... unfortunately, since i live so far away from everyone it takes awhile for anything to arrive - it takes at least 7 - 10 days using standard post... but if you use international courier it takes a couple of days but you have to pay crap loads of money for it!!!
    Overall - shipping internationally is fun!!! hehehe!!!
  6. According to tracking, the package was accepted at the post office at 5am EST in Hong Kong, and it arrived to me on Saturday morning EST (Northeast). Very happy.

    Information regarding EMS can be found here. Each country has its own version of EMS though.
    2 Conditions for Mailing
  7. Just my experience, as an overseas byer :smile:

    I've bought stuff on ebay and have had it shipped priority mail, dhl and fedex. All items have reached me (Norway) within 2 weeks time, with no problems at all. Also, my victoriassecret.com orders are shipped through DHL, and they are superfast! Takes about 6 days :yahoo:
  8. EMS = Express Mail Service. :smile: IMO if it's valuable,I'll use EMS as the shipment method as it's fully trackable and fast...especially now that it's closer to holiday season. :yes:
  9. I found DHL here rude and nasty. Because I don't live in a capital city I don't get my mail the next day. DHL wrote to say they were holding an item of mine, because I did not reply instantly ( I didn't even have their letter yet) they sent me another letter saying they were charging a holding fee.:cursing:
    I didn't ask them to hold the parcel in the first place.

  10. I was just informed that EMS won't work in the country that this is being shipped from.

    So now it has to be DHL or FedEX.

    Which one? DHL's pricing is much lower than FedEX. But FedEX is more popular here in the states and DHL seems to be more popular overseas.
  11. I have had packages sent to me internationally and I have had awful experiences with that crappy DHL. They lost one package and the other 2 times, the rude delivery person just *threw* my box at my door(she literally walked only halfway up my walkway and threw it). Fortunately, the item inside was packaged well and sustained no damage despite the huge dent on the outside of the box. I complained, but DHL didn't care since my item wasn't actually damaged. They kept saying, 'But your item was not damaged.' even though I told them it happened twice.

    Seriously, I would choose any other option other than DHL. They are awful.
  12. Let-Trade used EMS for my retro and I had it in 4 days...I was amazed. Otherwise fed-ex is okay. I won't use UPS because I always get hit with a huge brokerage fee.