What is your earliest memory?

  1. Yes I am a shrink, no I am not analyzing the responses. Some folks think that your early memories impact your belief system in life. For instance, one of my earliest memories is on the eve of my 5th birthday my dad said: "you will never be 4 again". I freaked out thinking, "is it bad to get old". And to this day, I still wonder...

    What's yours???
  2. I have a clear memory of the Christmas before my second birthday. I turned two the next February. There aren't pictures of it so I'm pretty sure my memory is just that...a memory ...not induced by pictures
  3. Wow, good one! I remember running down the hallway at home in a plaid jumper and pigtails...running to get a head start so I could JUMP and reach the light switch! I did it! I was probably about 3ish.
  4. Kid you not, I remember being an infant. Don't know how many months I was, but I couldn't speak, or crawl. Possibly around 3-5 mo. old....I remember being in my crib and just waking from a nap. Seriously!
  5. The first clear memory I have is of me breaking a bottle of my moms Chanel No. 5 and having her get mad at me. It happened when I was three. I also vaguely remember an incident when I was about 2 and decided to ride my bike down our concrete stairs (needed major stitches afterwards), but that's more blurry.
  6. I remember cutting most of my hair when I was 3 :shame:
  7. Going on my first bus ride with my grandfather :p I was about 2-2 1/2 years old and for some reason buses got me really excited. He took me on a full hour long ride :heart: I didn't stop smiling the whole time.
  8. I remember standing up in my crib looking out the window. The light was pearly and soft, like early morning winter light. I must have been at least 13 months because there was another crib in the room with my sister in it.
  9. My first clear memory was when I was three (nearly four). We flew to Norway for my Grandfathers 80th Birthday. On the morning of his birthday his hair was sticking up all over the place and his daughters (he had 8 of them!) were fussing around trying to fix his hair, but he wanted ME to do it. So I combed and brushed and fixed his hair until I thought it looked perfect. I even put bobbypins in it! lol It's such a crystal clear memory. I remember feeling really proud of myself.
  10. I remember a family friend carrying me while he was smoking and I only had a diaper on, and he burned me on accident. I was about 2ish.
  11. mine is sad:sad: I remember the day my little brother passed away, I was around 3 1/2 years old. He was around 1 1/2 when he passed due to a heart disease. [/SIZE][/FONT]I also remember getting on my parents bed to reach him on his crib. He liked me a lot, he smiled at me all the time. He was gorgeous!:cry:
  12. I remember when I was 3 going to Galveston, Tx and running around on the beach and my father running to grab me and telling me '' you better not go in the water unless you want to drown little one''...weird how I remember that.
  13. How sad...I'm sure he's your guardin angel now :smile:.
  14. I'm crying now....
  15. is it possible to remember things from when you were a baby?

    I have a very clear and vivid memory of crying... and my dad came into my room (i remember my room, like every detail)... He was wearing a wifebeater and shorts... he picked me up out of my crib, and rocked me to sleep.. but that is all I remember.

    I tell my mom and my bf that I remember that and they think I'm making it up.