What is your E-Bay Seller Name?

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  1. Mods, I'd love to see this made a sticky!

    In light of all of the authenication threads to ensure our purchases are authentic, not fake, I would like to see that taken one step further.

    For those of you that sell authentic bags on E-Bay, what is your E-Bay seller name? If we find an item, we can come to tPF and do a search of the seller name and find it here in this thread!

    Thank you to all who volunteer your seller id to ensure that the purchases we make are of authentic items, not fake!
  2. It is against Purse Blog's rule to advertise any sales on this forum, including eBay. Per Purse Blog's suggestion, we should use different ids between the forum and eBay.
  3. I am sorry, I did not know. I suppose this can be closed, then.
  4. I'm still pretty new to this tPF, but I thought we weren't allowed to give out our eBay IDs. Or is it that we are not allowed to post our listings?:confused1:
  5. This was my error, again, I apologize.
  6. I am trying to get in touch with a Mod to close. Again, I am sorry.
  7. No worries! I am would actually love to see some of the Ebay listings(just because I am curious), but we are not allowed to share.:sad:

  8. Yeah, I am just terrified of eBay sales, you just never know what you are going to get, you know? I thought that this would have been another way to "protect" myself. Hopefully this will get closed soon!
  9. Per Purse Blog's rule, it is absolutely not allowed to advertise any sales or using the forum for trading. It is okay to reveal your eBay ID. However, if it turns to be implying to promote eBay sales, I bet Meg, Vlad and modes will not happy to see it.
  10. Even if it was allowed, it would not ligitimize anything.

    ANYONE can come on here and say "hey, I'm legit and trustworthy" all awhile being a big fat scam artist.

    Unfortunately, membership here does not equal = legitimate trustworthy seller:nogood:

    The best thing to do is post an auction you are interested in, in the appropriate brand forum!
  11. I was thinking about this before too - it's too bad they won't consider doing a list of recommended sellers and sellers to avoid. Other sites have done this, including My Poupette. It would be nice to have a list of sellers that can be trusted (esp the ones that are NOT members of TPF and there are many) and sellers who are known to have sold multiple fake items.
  12. Visit knowknockoffs.com and go thru the BAD sellers list. We had to remove the GOOD sellers list because BAD sellers were reporting the good sellers auctions as being fake. But at least you can see who NOT to buy from.
  13. We had an authenticating forum here before that had a list of sellers to avoid and to trust.... sadly to say, it became DRAMA and that particular forum was closed.
  14. actually, no it is not.

    This is closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.