What is your dream car and why?


Jul 2, 2006
Even if I was super rich, my dream car is a racing green mini convertible with cream leather interior and polished wooden dashboard.

My number plate would be Jeremy (can you even do that in USA? I'm British so do not know).
One that's inexpensive to operate and maintain and that I'm happy driving around in. ;)

In financial terms cars are considered to be a deprecating asset. Therefore, I don't get worked up over them, because minute I drive off the lot with it I've already lost money. :tdown:

However, to give a straight answer, it would probably be one of those little hybrid fuel two-seater city cars. Convertible, of course, with a bomb-ass stereo. :jammin:
I have ALWAYS wanted a 56 Chevy ever since I was a little kid. They will turn more heads then any super car ever will.
'68 Camaro SS with a hoodscoop, lowered front tires, and original black CA plates. Mmmmm. Always had a thing for the classic cars - hopefully one day!