What is your dream BBag - but doesn't exist?

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  1. Okay girls. Its time to dream. What is your ideal Bbag? Is it in a color that doesn't exist? What is it?

    Or a style you only wish they made? You can be as specific as you like (hardware choice, leather choice, color description, style description)

    No cheating and just wishing for old colors (or leather) in new styles. I want innovation here!
  2. A Twiggy in a soft, buttery yellow with the brass hardware. mmmmm and on the plus side, no having to worry about the bag yellowing!! : )

    I wish you well,

  3. Day Handbag in Medium Pewter with Large Matte Silver Hardware!!!
  4. Mellow yellow Part Time with pewter hardware :love:
  5. a glazed leather mouse grey city...with matching hardware ....mmmm
  6. and with a longer shoulder strap!
  7. It would be a city bag that is light blue - lighter than the sky blue and darker than the ice blue. I would like a really faded denim blue color.

    I have my fingers crossed that maybe they will have something like that with the spring/summer collection but if not this year then maybe next .... Peggy
  8. Deep blue purple, more purple and a bit darker than ink with silver hardware.
    A Coral or Salmon colored City
  9. A Black (maybe Anthracite) Brief with pewter hardware... and consistent to 2003 leather.
  10. Dark Plum Day with pewter hardware. :rolleyes: I'm thinking a more warm, red-brown toned version of purple.
  11. I would :heart: a courier in the 2004 lilac colour with silver hardware:love:
  12. A black city with flat brass hardware
  13. A kind of marbled tortoise shell looking leather.. City style..pewter hardware.. and in the front bottom corners adorned with chocolatey-brown leather bows placed horizontally. Perhaps even a pewter colored thread, but that's just a maybe. :love: *sigh* Now i want it so bad!! hehe
  14. Black Work with silver hardware
    Eggplant Work
    Lilac '04 Work with either hardware
    Lilac '06 Work with silver hardware

    Can you tell I like the Work bag?
  15. Great thread idea!

    Teal purse with silver or pewter hardware

    07 cafe purse with gold regular size hardware