What is your downfall --- Savoury or sweet? Is it genetic LOL?

  1. .................... for me it is savoury - cheeses, sauces, humous etc. etc, when I eat anything sweet I just have to have something savoury to take the taste away? is it genetic?
  2. My downfall is sweet stuff, chocolate and cakes, gotta eat some chocolate everyday. Dunno if it's genetic, I'm just greedy!
  3. I don't think it's genetic, not in my case anyway! Mum and Dad like sweets but I prefer savory. I think it's because I'm frightened by the dentist!
  4. Wow - I thought I was the only one who had to have something life that after having something sweet. i'll crave the sweet thing but after i am not satisfied and need the other.
    neither my daughter or anyone else in the family is like that.
  5. Yep, it's genetic, most likely located in the ninth chromosome. Just kidding. Actually, there is a pattern in families with regard to food cravings, some people crave all sugars, some all fats, some all carbs, etc. It is pretty interesting.

    Personally, I like Doritos. :smile:
  6. A friend at last :smile: nice to meet you!
  7. Yes it is interesting, my daughter craves sweet things, me savoury, my son seems to have quite normal preferences so no real pattern.

    I think sometimes when people are all into sweets it is the way that they were brought up - mother alway cooking sweet dishes, baking etc.

    Hard to know what is reason really.

  8. Same here, my mom is the opposite.
  9. Savory. My mom loves sweet but I think i follow my dad....anything savory, i'm in it!
  10. Carbs, and chocolate. And I wonder why I can't get rid off those extra 5 lbs from the holidays!!! :rolleyes:

    I don't think it's genetic in my case. My parents appreciate carbs but don't binge on them like I do. And they HATE chocolate.
  11. Unfortunately, mine is BOTH!!!
  12. oh- and i think it's genetic, b/c my tastes are just like my mom's!
  13. mmm... I have a sweet tooth! In particular biscotti, cookies and home-made cakes.
  14. Definetly savoury especially fries!!!!!
  15. for me it's sweets - I don't know why I crave the artificial, lol. However, I have learned to somewhat control it, so now I just eat a little bit once a week which I'm pretty proud of myself for. Then I usually eat milk chocolate and other things I don't want to eat more often and then I drink ice tea! I'm a sucker for ice tea :love: