Workplace What is your degree in? What is your career?

I had the hardest time in college choosing a major. I started out chemical engineering, then tried to change to cognitive science, economics, engineering mathematics, and not until my junior year did I finally settle on double majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration.

I graduated in May 2019 and started a job as a software engineer at an early stage startup, and I love it. I think the one thing I did the best in college was always keeping an open mind, and that has helped me get a kickstart into a career I love.


sofa king addicted
Nov 13, 2007
i have an associate's degree in medical assisting, and i am currently a medical assistant.

i am working towards my bachelor's degree in allied health administration management, and hope to get a mid to upper level management position somewhere in the healthcare field after i graduate.

i have had many career changes and many different majors.

- i was a wedding coordinator, got a certification for that
- was planning on diagnostic sonography (ultrasounds), was going to school for that but after 2 tries and several years, i gave that up
- i run a bakery out of my house, completely self-taught, for a while i thought about opening a store, but its just too volatile and i need stability

at the end of the day, while i would love to work for myself, or work with animals, or do something creative, i am at the point in my life where i need a good stable career, not the relatively unachievable "never work a day in your life" fantasy job
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Mar 10, 2020
So I graduated this year, I have a master degree in international business. I also have a bachelor degree in foreign languages.
I have a job waiting for me but the coronavirus happened and now I have to wait for the border to reopen since I'm moving abroad.


Sep 18, 2016
I was a bit backwards.

worked in banking and then changed into investment—before going back to school to get my bachelors in administration w/concentration in finance.

worked as an associate for a senior advisor, HH about 500 w/book of $2.5bn and a little under $400mm of that managed.

now transitioning into planning and after that will be an advisor.

long term there are a few other plays in mind. But for now, helping people with their finances will be the main focus.

Mid Century Gal

Sep 20, 2013
I have a BFA in graphic design. I worked as a graphic designer for over 13 years, and just got burned out. So I left the field all together. Started working as a sub teacher for 4 years, then moved over to social work for another 4 years. Now I work in the medical field as a patient coordinator. I like it a lot, but I don't think it's anything I could or want to do long term. Thinking about going back for my MSW in social work. Not sure because I'm 57, so I don't know if I feel like starting over again.