What is your definition of VEINY???

  1. I hear that veiny b bags are not desireable. How would you classify veiny? Is the leather thinner if it is? Does anyone have pics to compare? As time goes by, does the leather do that as you use it? If no one likes that veiny look, why does balenciaga make some like that? Thanks!
  2. My theory is that Balenciaga does the veiny leather because it is much more difficult to copy. When you see how far couterfeiters can go (even the Hermes leathers are copied), I understand they try to push the craft of their bags to the edge so it becomes unattainable for the :censor: out there stealing the design.

    I also think the veiny-thing makes the leather even more slouchy, so maybe it's also a designer choice, part of its evolution.

    I still cross fingers and hope they read this forum. maybe we can convince them to go back to the thicker leather! ;)
  3. I've also described it as "marbled". SA's will describe it as "distressed". But even within a single style and color the bags can vary greatly with the amount of marbling you see. It seems to be more obvious on the lighter colors. Word is (and Bal NY confirmed) that the leather for the fall bags will have less obvious veininess and will be slightly thicker.
  4. ooooooooooooooooh, i love the veiny, distressed look & feel of the leather...that's one of the things that attracted me to b-bags...it's all a matter of personal preference though :love:
  5. Marbled is a nicer word. There are plenty of owners of marbled 06's here. I found that whatever marbling (which wasn't much) on my 06's sort of disapearred and turned into distressing much more similar to the older bags.
    I had the same theory, that it had to do with counterfeits.
  6. I am quite new to Balenciaga handbags, so I don't have experience with the old leathers, only the new ones. Obviously I must like them, or I would not have purchased the handbags that I have. I think it adds uniqueness to the handbags and that no two Balenciagas will look the same. I like that. My Cornflower Twiggy is not as "veiny" as my Rouille Twiggy. The Cornflower I chose to be less veiny, the Rouille was fresh from the back stock room and what they had. I like it though, I like how in the 'veins' the colour is different, it adds dimension.

    I wish you well,