What is your definition of a "FAKE"????

  1. There was a storyon A Current Affair tonight news prog like CNN and they had a news special "fake designer goods Why fashionists say you don't need the real thing to look amazing" With top guru supporting the use of fakes quote "nowadays fakes are so good even the experts have a hard time telling the differences....... why bother spending all that money when you can have the same and cheaper" I couldn't believe they were promoting the use of fake bags on national TV with no regards to copyright issues respect for branding.

    Am I just over reacting and did I just misunderstand the meaning of the word FAKE. Ladies and Gents what is your definition of FAKE

    The article link is here

  2. WTH!?!
    That is so pathetic they don't get the it.
    Well to me Fake means - Poorly made,cheap looking, ugly, a insult to designers , terrorism , child labour.
  3. they are asking the wrong people if those people say that experts have a hard time telling the differences... they should have asked our tpf experts to spot a fake LOL!

    to me.. you can't have the same but cheaper, it's simple.. same means no differences at all not even a little bit.. same is same...

    fakes/imitations are cheap but they are not the same, and people don't look amazing with fakes..
  4. Fakes never live up to the same quality usually. It's a silly argument.

    That article just boils my blood.. it drives me insane hearing people say fakes are acceptable.
  5. Trust ACA to do a story like that. Distasteful. My definition of fake - a bag that tries to be the real thing but isn't. It has to bear a trademark of some sort though. Maybe the bags made by the "Pink Corporation" are mere replicas. You know ACA - always twisting words and stories!
  6. That was a very irresponsible article/story. It didn't get into the legal and ethical questions at all. While they're at it, why didn't they support buying bootleg DVDs and CDs? They are cheaper, too...who cares about intellectual property and fraud? I'm being facetious-- trademark infringements and consumer fraud are something that affects corporations and us as individuals.

    Why is that people only think about their choices as being entirely personal decisions, with no effect on others and in the world? It's not really that way. If fakes circulate freely, companies have their intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks) violated, and profits impacted. We as individuals wouldn't want our thoughts and our hard work ripped off, and neither do companies. Then there are the issues of, what happens to the money generated by the sale of fakes? Is it untraced and could enter the stream of funding for illegal/terrorist activity? Far from being monitored and controlled, as normal commerce is.
  7. Thanks guys for the support. I thought it was just me being too touchy because i'm a LV lover. I'm going to write a nasty letter to channel nine and suggest to them their next story should be on the best websites to download movies and forget going to the cinemas, the cheapest place to buy groceries all fake products from china 'eggs grown in a lab no need for chickens anymore and more great ideas to come...'
  8. What is this?! It makes me angry!!! They're totally crazy!

    And by the way, it doesn't make any sense what they're saying... Quote: "Consumers also seem less interested in the label of an item, according to Ms McCallum"
    Okay, tell me this... If they're not interested in the label, why would they buy a fake??!! Why won't they just buy a 'normal', cheap bag? Or, if they like the model that much, a 'designer-inspired' bag? (Nothing wrong with those - you know, like Friis & Company makes. They are a bit similar to some designer bags but they're not ugly bad fakes.)

    Weird and wrong article... Pff... supporting fakes...
  9. OH my i hate when people do that.
  10. Stealing intellectual property is plain wrong, it's as simple as that.
  11. Wow, that's pretty crazy! Fake to me is anything trying to imitate the real thing, label and all. Though it's not for me, I'd rather someone carry a designer-inspired then a knock-off.

    Hey, are designer-inspired bags illegal, you know...like the ones that have Xs and Os (or whatever it is) instead of LVs?
  12. O and the funny thing is, these people are from MSN / Microsoft. So yea, it's alright to get fake copies of Microsoft software according to their theory. Afterall, people get the exact same quality as the original version. :smile:
  13. If you can't afford the real bags a designer inspired bag should be fine as long it does not copy any of the real designer's insignia.
  14. I totally agree. There is a difference between designer inspired and fake/replica. Fakes are a no-no. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  15. Those with X's are just fakes, right? I thought they were just bad fakes... I think of a 'designer inspired' bag as a bag that looks a bit like the designer model - like a bag with a lock a bit similar to Chloés. I don't think that's bad or illegal - as long as they don't completely imitate the bag, you know?