What is your daily mileage?

  1. I am currently contemplating a job that would require me to drive 60 miles (one way) to get to work. My current job is only 4 miles away from where I live, and I'm used to being able to go home for lunch.

    Basically I am unhappy with my current job and I found a job that seems promising, although the pay is only slighty higher. Do you think it would be worth the commute, gas costs, and stress of driving a total of 120 miles a day for a slight increase in salary? For you Bay Area gals, I would have to drive from Santa Clara all the way up to Richmond on the 880 freeway.

    Just out of curiousity, how many miles do you drive to work or school?
  2. Right now I drive about 100 miles per day all over the place. I'm sorta in your place because I might have an opportunity for another position that is over an hour away from me in another state at that. That would require a lot of traffic driving which I hate. Moving would be a difficult option because the places out there are just so expensive and the extra money I would be making at this job could be used in other ways if I just commute. So I have no clue what to do right now.
  3. Well - it is only about 20 miles from my house to work but with the traffic in MA I'm lucky if I can make it to work in an hour. Somedays its taken me about 2.5 hours to get to work. On those days I would glady take a pay cut to only have to commute 4 miles :smile:
  4. Do you have an opportunity to carpool or occasionally work from home with this new opportunity? That can take some stress off a long drive and helps the enviornment, all that good stuff.

    It sounds like a long commute but I think that is relative and I hear in CA that longer commutes are not as huge a deal. I drive about 12 miles each way and I go into work a little later and leave later to avoid traffic.
  5. I currently work out of my home..but I don't know if it would be worth it to get a slightly higher paycheck w/ the prices of gas nowadays & traffic. Oh traffic such a pain! The job you have now are you unhappy w/ it? Is there other things leading you to find another job besides the pay? Not to be personal just asking.
  6. When I still lived in Maryland, I drove about 60+ miles each day to get to my University in Baltimore...Lots of that was traffic driving, but I think a lot of the driving in the DC/BALT metro area is traffic driving :smile:

    If you truly are not happy with your current work situation, and this new place seems more promising and exciting, I'd go for it!
  7. For work: 0 (it's only about a mile from my apartment so I walk)
    For school: 5 (only 2x a week)

    I suggest doing the math. How much gas will it take to get you there & back and will the salary increase cover that?
  8. I don't know... It takes me around 1 hour or 1:15 to get to work each morning and to go home. After being around LA traffic my whole life, your commute doesn't sound like it would be too bad. Is there a carpool lane? Lots of people here buy Priuses to drive carpool...
  9. Ug...I hate this dilema. My SIL is facing the same thing.

    Is it worth it to you to have this different job? For me, I drive 50 miles round trip every day. That is about two hours every day (one hour in one hour back depending on traffic) in addition to work hours away from home and family.

    But for me it's totally worth it! And I enjoy driving, even in traffic, because I love listening to talk shows, CDs, and music. But I also am able to work at home twice a month. Could you ask if that is an option?

    And if I could, I'd take the bus or train. However, I did take the bus for over a year and hated it. It adds so much more time to my commute that it was more worth my time to pay for parking and gas.

    Good luck!!!
  10. The main reason I am considering this job is because it is a state job vs a county level job and I would be able to utilize more of my skills. And since it is more of a consulting job, there is the possibility of traveling throughout California and going to conferences.

    Downside, normally I would be all for taking public transportation, but BART is expensive and I would still have to drive to the BART station and it takes over an hour to get there via BART plus a 1.5 mile walk. So driving approximately 1.5 hours seems like a better option. I'm also at a point in my life where I want to settle down and get married, so having the stability and flexibility of my current job is nice. But I do believe that we all need to take chances in life and that change is good.

    If I take the job, I'm hoping they will allow me to work a 4/10 schedule, so that I would only have to drive 4 days/week.

    I appreciate all your opinions and feedback. I'm still 50/50 over the decision.
  11. i use to drive 47 miles one way.. from walnut to mission viejo, ca. now, i walk a quick 15 minutes (10 if i'm speed walking) to work here in union square.
  12. 60 miles away? So that would be like an hour's drive? I don't know.. I used to work 20 miles away in traffic & hated driving there. The drive in traffic made me so stressed.

    But then again if you don't like your current job, anything is better than going to a job you hate =)
  13. I drive an average of 225 miles daily, but that is due to the nature of my job. Thankfully, I have a company vehicle!
  14. My work is less than a mile from my home. I'm lucky!
  15. Yikes, that's a lot of driving. I travel a lot for work, but when I don't, I try DF in to work and it's about 30 miles each day.