What is your current worry?

  1. I'm currently worried about my Calculus exam tonight. Summer semester sucks!

    Also, my bills.
  2. Currently worrying about whether or not they have fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined, at Safeway. I have a recipe I want to make and they ran out yesterday.
  3. Good luck on your Calc exam!!

    I was scared of mine too, but I think I passed it with an A!

    I'm currently worried that Bart won't make it out of the bathroom in time and I'll pee my pants, lol
  4. Good Luck on Calc exam!! I love calc it was my favorite:heart:...im worried about not being able to loose weight
  5. I have quite a few right now but the biggest one is money issues!
  6. That my boss pulled me in the office this afternoon to tell me I haven't been promoted again this year knowing I was supposed to drive up north tonight for my nan's funeral tomorrow.

    Now totally unfit to drive tonight, so will be up at 0515 in the morning to do the drive, then drive back tomorrow after the funeral to be back behind my desk Thursday at 0730.

    Sorry to vent and bring everyone else down, but you did ask! lol
  7. I have 2 big worries right now. Selling my grandparents house. The 2nd one is the LARGE mortgage he left me when he passed away!
  8. Thanks, but what's wrong with you? I hate it!

  9. oh wow - where to start...
    first of all that the internal examiner will take even more time and I will run late for PhD final draft submission....
    aside: moving to another country away from my parents - not for me, but to some extent for them.
    oh yeah, and how living in a totally new country will be - but just teensy bit bec hubby is there!!!! :smile:

  10. :roflmfao:I dunno why i liked it so much, lol integrals were my favorite:blink:
  11. I'm worried about whether or not everything will go smoothly on my wedding day!! (11 days from now!)
  12. I also LOOOOOVE calc. I'm actually an English major but am doing a minor in math solely because I love calc so much. Just relax and take a deep breath, you'll be totally fine!

    I'm worried about whether the $100 Guess gift certificate that I got a year ago has expired because I waited too long to spend it.

    riffraff: really sorry to hear that and about your nan's passing.
  13. yikes! So sorry about your nan and about your job!

  14. Congrats! I am sure it will be lovely!
  15. Simple history quiz this evening, but hoping I do well! Oh and passing Quantitative Methods in Critical Thinking (aka MATH). I'm an English major, I SUCK at math, lol. Haven't had it since HS four years ago, and bombed algebra 1 and 2, all while getting A's in English and History :rolleyes: I think things are going reasonably well right now, lol