What is your current favorite bag?

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  1. I know our fave bags can change from month to month (or day to day or hour to hour for some of you ladies!!!! :roflmfao:)

    So, share with us, your current favorite bag!

    The bag I have been reaching for the most lately is my Balenciaga Cinnamon Day, followed by my Lucky Hobo in wine, followed by my Black Longchamp Purse! Although, today I used my HH Hobo- I forgot the name, I got it for under $200 at a sale a few months ago and it was the last one!
  2. My taupe City, followed by my black caviar jumbo flap, followed by my LV petite bucket. Those are the three that are in rotation this month.
  3. Right now, My ruby Jet Setter. I build outfits around it... :smile:
  4. MY Gucci Duchessa...I love that bag...
  5. My RM Morning After Mini, I have one in berry and in black!
  6. My Balenciaga AnthraDay and then Balenciaga First in Grenat - surprisingly versatile color! - and finally my Fendi Baby Spy, large enough to hold my items for the day, but yet light enough to wear on my arm!
  7. balenciaga grape hobo with GSH, followed by black chanel reiusse, black prada gauffre hobo . . .
  8. Today it is my chanel classic flap in black.
  9. LV Neverfull PM. My first "luxury" bag and I feel "pretty" when I carry it.
  10. My Cinnamon City and Vert Gazon Work.
  11. no surprise from me: butterscotch AC Mini city followed by black AC mini city!!
  12. It used to be my cocoa Hayden-Harnett Hudson hobo, but I've been cheating on it with two mistresses--I've been switching off between a blue patent Erotokritos Basquet and a yellow Lockheart Basketweave Shiloh.

    Of course, I still have an on-again-off-again affair with my Moni Moni Splendor satchel.
  13. My black Chanel medium flap in caviar, I love it!
  14. My Prada Gauffre Bowler, my Bal Violet GGH City, Eggplant City, and my Bal RT City.
  15. my Gryson woven skye in black and in cerise!