what is your current everyday go to necklace?

  1. Hi ShopAddikt,

    I love your pendant, could you tell me where I could buy one please?

  2. Thank you. I actually got it in Amman, Jordan. Are you looking for an Allah pendant?
  3. Hello
    i am yes but am based in london x
  4. Well, have you tried searching online? Also, Kensington has a large middle eastern population. Any arabic jewelry store will carry them for sure.
  5. I was wearing my Tiffany's heart key on a long silver chain for the last 6 months. Just switched to a yellow gold heart with diamonds in the center on a 16' gold chain.
  6. I wear my single strand of pearls nearly every day. My parents got it for me for my 20th birthday.
  7. Gold Cross
  8. I wear two separate Elsa Peretti Diamond-by-the-yard single stone necklaces every day and night.

    They never come off....
  9. I wear this little pendant I had made on etsy everyday, it has me & my hubby's initials and my favorite color, pink! I love it so much that I even wore it on my wedding day, which is when this pic was taken:biggrin: there is a little feather too, but it's upside down in the photo...

  10. Love it!! ^
  11. I don't wear any necklace every day, but quite often I find myself reaching for the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection double strand pearl necklace my fiance bought for me. I adore them and wear them most days to work.
    jacqueline kennedy pearls.jpg
  12. please post pics ladies!! and I finally recieved my key, haven't been able to debut it yet but hopefully soon
  13. yay new key came in! [​IMG]
  14. @ aarti: That's absolutely stunning! Where is it from?