What is your current clothing obsession?

  1. I am currently obsessed with dresses that have butterflies on them, I brought a Zara butterfly tunic afew months ago and an art deco style one from asos.com recently, I keep scanning everywhere for more!

    What is your current clothing obsession?
  2. Skinny scarves :p
  3. Coats.
  4. Cardigans!
  5. I really want my Mike & Chris leather hoodie I ordered - I'm hoping I like it as much as the picture.

    I've also been wearing my Andrew Marc fur collar white leather jacket a lot recently, but today started being to cold for it. But I have great faux shearling and fox fur coat that I can wear instead :greengrin:

    So I guess my *thing* this weak is leather and fur coats.

    I am still (and always) a huge fan of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  6. cardigans for me too, i have around 30.
    this month im really into coloured tights with peep toe shoes, iv just bought a bright purple pair and a bright green pair, im going to were the green ones on christmas day with black patent peep toe mary janes and a grey dress.
  7. dresses or tops with the a gathered bubbled cuff like this:[​IMG]
  8. Headbands with bows, navy, red, my pea coat!

    Classic items such as dark jeans, cable knit sweaters, etc.

    I'm also loving slouchy bags.
  9. Anything green!
  10. Sweater dresses! I have 3 drawers full of them now... :shame:
  11. Always premium denim!

    & temporarily coats!
  12. Great dark denim jeans,
    Dress shorts
    A line skirts

  13. Coats, particularly Burberry.
  14. Boots!

    I'm so happy it's finally cold enough here to wear them. I've actually been wearing a different pair every day!
  15. TRENCH COATS!!!!!!
    I just bought a Nanette Lepore black shorter trench and a DKNY RED LONG ONE and a beige/taupe traditional style long Kenneth Cole-ALL on SALE!!!!!!
    I am eyeing a couple of others , I think they will be classic as I age!!!!!!!
    I Love both short and long versions-STOP me!!!!!!!
    The funny thing is that my 21 year old daughter just told me that she wanted a trench-they are the 'thing 'on her college campus. :yahoo: