What Is Your Color Scheme ?

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  1. My favorite color is Black and I wear it all year round, Im not a huge fan of pastel colors, but there are some shades of green that I like. In the Summer I tend to wear alot of Beige, White and Pinks. The Spring I like to see lots of prints and designs.

    My Question is ; What is your color scheme ?
  2. In the winter I love Brown and Black! In the summer I love white, and pink. I also wear pastel blues and I like colors but never all at once!
  3. Is denim a color?:lol: I live in denim and black in the winter and just in recent years got into color for summer months.
  4. I wear a lot of black & white - denim and khaki are also my favorites. I use scarves and jewelry for color but I do luv "kelly green".
  5. Lots of black. I go through "phases" with colors. For awhile it was robin's egg blue. Then it was green. Then chocolate brown. Now it seems like green is back :P
  6. Nude tons, ivory, white, gray. I don't wear black, it looks really harsh on me!
  7. Black always for work and play. Jeans for casual days and for going out. I look good in reds and pinks so I'm trying to get more of that into my wardrobe.
  8. I can wear most colors, the only things I have to shy away from are certain shades of yellow and green ( I have slightly olive skin, and I tan with golden undertones, so they can make me look a bit sallow.)

    I look best in bright pinks, blues, and purples. ( especially when I'm tanned.) Dark brown also looks really good. Pretty much all colors are fair game, I don't like to stick to just a few.
  9. I love all colors, depends on season.:love:...and MAKEUP ofcourse!
  10. yes! I love make-up, and changing it with the seasons is half the fun!

    You can go all shimmery and glam for the winter holiday season- sheer and juicy glosses with minimal everywhere else in the summer! I LOVE playing with color in that respect as well. :smile:

    Have you seen the little Bourjois travel tins at sephora? they're adorable little vacation destination-themed kits, perfect for creating fun little themed looks. ( I have Tahiti and I want St. Tropez).
  11. I love colour! so anything bright, greens, yellows, pink and white always...I want to try this orange halter from BeBe, but I'm a little afraid. I also play with make-up, but my staple is benefit's "my meter is running" eyeshadow trio.
  12. We don't have Sephora in Canada!:evil: ....I will definately check them out here in FLA. at the aventura mall:nuts: !!!! Thanks!:love:
  13. There are two in Toronto, one at Yorkdale and one at Eaton Centre. I guess they haven't made their way over to Montreal yet ! :wacko:
  14. bright colors...year round! winter is already too drab to wear only neutrals. plus i like to stand out :idea: . haha you could probably already tell i like bright colors by my handbag collection! i'm falling in love with white house | black market, though. also, i don't like orange or yellow and seldom wear red...my color scheme is more along the lines of pink, green, purple, blue, white, and denim(?) haha
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