What is your coat of choice this winter?

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    As winter comes so does coat shopping. As everyone who has come within a mile of me in the last few days know, I found my holy grail of a jacket!! Deep red wool jacket that fits me perfectly!!

    Then yesterday I found this calvin klein coat, but in charcoal. As I wear a size 8-10 but have a 34G chest, I'm not used to finding coats that fit! And being as fair skinned as I am black is very harsh, so this is perfect!


    (Sorry, only pic I could find online at all of the coat)

    What about you? What coat will you be wearing, or what coat are you lusting over?
  2. I found this gorgeous faux fur coat that i just gotta have:

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  3. Bluejinx, where are you in Canada? (ie. how cold does it get?) Congrats on your red coat. I picked up this simple but perfect number from Aritzia, am hoping it's good enough to keep me warm.

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  4. Love your coat!!! Wish I could pull it off! I live in winnipeg (ie:winterpeg) so it gets really really cold! -40 is normal and -50C is not unheard of.

    Last year I scored an 85% cashmere 15% wool coat with a big fur collar from a consignment store durring a closing out sale for a dollar!! So anything below -30 and that will keep me warm! And warmer than -30C isn't too bad so these two new ones should be great!
  5. I live in Arizona so it never gets terribly cold here. I just bought the Madewell Clocktower Trench - it's got a little edge and it's beautifully made.


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  6. I just bought a Moncler coat :woohoo:
    I also have an Elie Tahari coat I found last year at Bloomingdales that I love and will definitely be wearing again this year! It has a fantastic huge collar and a belt tie, is alpaca and wool I think ... LOVE :biggrin:
  7. I have this coat from Delia's, it has a Thinsulate lining, its much warmer than my last peacoat.

  8. I will be wearing my BR thinnish double breasted pinstriped peacoat (from thrift town by way of a few dollars!), my nutty yellow Escada vintage coat (thrift find for cheap), my funnel-neck Guess coat, a gorgeous vintage camel I.Magnin coat, and my Burberry trench for rainy days.
  9. WOW!! Can I come play in your closet????
  10. And that's not even half of them >_>

    I forgot to mention my vintage YSL with the big round gold buttons. It reminds me of jingle bells.

    I am on an eternal coat ban. I couldn't pass up the fantastic deals at thrift town (where else can you get a vintage 80s Dior tulip hem boxy shouldered coat for $6?)

    There's another coat I love but it's very heavy for daily wear. It's a wool swing coat from Bullocks of Pasadena with these immense rhinestone-encrusted buttons. I'm guessing it's from the 40s or 50s. It's the most pristine 50 year old coat I've ever bought. It's the only one from that era that did not stink like a pack of old smokes or reek of perfume.


    And the buttons are sewn on so well! I hate how I have to tighten buttons on new clothes (especially jackets/coats) when there are items like this that have buttons here to stay!

    And I almost forgot one more - a vintage coat (label just says Marcus) but it's a great textured ivory fabric.

  11. Mackage Isa...cozy cashmere/wool blend. The neck is nice and high so I dont need a scarf. I love it with all my heart.

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  12. That's a beautiful coat!!! Have any mod shots? :nuts:
  13. Mia- sorry I dont have any as of right now. I couldnt believe how well it fit being that Im only 5ft. Its not too long at all, it hits right at my fingertips when its at my side, its a little tight in the upper arms, but thats my own dang fault for packing on those extra lbs. boo.

    Its an old style (3 years i think), check out bluefly.com they usually have similar types on there!

    If I get a pic soon, Ill post it!
  14. I'm in Toronto so it doesnt get as cold as winnipeg!! but still chilly :biggrin: i usually wear a Rudsak coat, its a montreal designer and they know how to make a toasty warm yet chic jacket!
    www.rudsak.com if you wanna check out the coats :smile: