What is your Coach shopping strategy

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What is your Coach shopping strategy?

  1. I rip the tags off within the first week and use my new bag right away

  2. I "wait it out" just in case something better comes along for next PCE or at the outlet

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  1. I love polls. :P Here is another one.

    With Coach's open-ended return policy, I thought it would be interesting to see our shopping strategies, esp. with PCE time upon us.

    Do you rip the tags off shortly after the purchase or do you wait it out "just in case". No matter the details, it basically comes down to these two options.

    Please feel free to comment on your shopping habits here too - I've only given two options in the poll, but I know that there are many scenarios not covered off in those, so let's discuss those here.
  2. I might be one of the few here who does this....I wear all my newly purchased bags out of the store, when possible.

    I shop very carefully and am not usually swayed by the reveals here as I think some might be (not that this is bad...I just imagine it creates some issues). My bag budget is limited as I am trying to save for a very big trip, so anything I buy I better research and love.
  3. I usually don't buy a bag that I don't love.So therefore, I rip the tags off.I don't usually have this issue with bags, I'm not a multiple bag girl.I do go through this with Accessorie's.I get an item home and if I'am not sure, I'll leave the tags on for a bit.If it is something I know I will want to keep in my collection, I rip the tags off.My shopping strategy is this.~ I don't buy it if it is not on sale, or if there is no PCE.I would rather save money.That is the only reason I bought a new bag and some little things.Pce is Great:smile:This usually goes for clothes and shoes too, not just my Coach!
  4. I normally buy bags that are a bit odd or rare... and not in the stores yet.. So I go and order and have it delivered to the FP Store - if I love it I take it if not I just do the return right there...

    Now even when I love it and take it I normally place the bag into a rotation so it does not get used asap.. so I do not take the tags off asap..in case I get a second thougt and then I may return them...
  5. I think you are a very wise woman. :biggrin: Wearing your bag out of the store - that takes guts and more power to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had to really think about this myself recently having bought another designer that only has a 10 day exchange/refund policy. When you are used to Coach's relaxed return policy, this really put the pressure on.

    In a way I like it because once 10 days is up that bag is mine and that is it - no more hunting and waiting to see if something better comes along. It's kind of a more peaceful feeling than the anxiety/anticipation of being on the hunt all the time.

    Now I know some people live for the hunt, and that's all good for them, I'm just not one of them.

    I do have bags at home that I've had for quite some time with tags still on although I know I'm never returning them, the tags are still on simply because I haven't used them yet, which is different that waiting to see if something better comes along. I'm not, I'm just waiting for them to slip into rotation.
  6. I only take tags off of things I know without a doubt that if it goes to the outlet I won't care that I bought it at a higher cost.
  7. This probably makes the process easier for me. I don't live near an outlet, unless I feel like spending a lot of time in the car, and the only place that might have them on sale occassionally is Dillards and they are usually picked over, so I am boutique all the way.

    Now, if I could access the outlets, maybe my strategy would change?
  8. I second that! I have no choice except when on the way to Cali, so FP it is! Or the occasional score at Macy's/Dillards. At the moment I own 7 Coach. Not that much compared to some of you, but I take my time to make up my mind! :smile::smile:
  9. ^If you had access to the outlets AND the outlet closest to you was one of the "impact" ones so it got a bigger swath of the product being deleted I think it would.
  10. I usually wait to take the tags off.
  11. It might, but in some ways I don't know if that would be good. I like that I don't have to think "will it go to the outlet right after I buy it FP?" That might drive me a little crazy, so I see it as a silver lining.
  12. If it's a FP bag from the boutique I'll have already thought about it enough by time I buy is that I just rip the tags off as soon as I get home (or sometimes as soon as I get to the car!). But if it's something I find at the outlet I'm often a bit more impuslive with my purchases because I don't have an outlet near me and I get excited about good deals! I'll keep the tags on for a day or two to make sure I love it and almost always end up being happy with what I got.
  13. I remember that you were ready to return your Midnight Maggie if you would have loved the Teal Mia Maggie...so you do wait to see if something better comes along...I think we all buy...not 100% sure if we are going to keep them or not or if something better comes along....I can speak for myself and yes sometimes I will exchange a bag I already bought for a newer one that I like better...
  14. I kind of agree with you on this too - I'm 6-7 hours away from my closest Canadian outlet and get there once per year and that's it.

    Although having said that, I did pick up the bone croc Maggie that I passed on at the FP store. It was regular about $600 ($550? I can't remember) and I got it for $300 at the outlet, so that was great - but that is something I only get to do once a year, so it makes it so much fun.

    That's why I saw with Coach's flexible return policy - it can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time!!
  15. Any bag that I haven't ripped the tag off of right away usually ends up going back. So now that my new criteria for buying a bag. If I don't love it enough to rip the tags off of it before I leave the store then I know I just don't love it enough!