What is your cheapest LV fix?

  1. Ok, I know everyone has different opinions on what is "cheap". :p Anyway, I'm just wondering, when you don't want to spend (much) money, but you really NEED an LV fix, what is the cheapest LV fix that you think is totally worth it? Name the item and price. ;)
  2. Errmm
    A Cles (£100)
    I love them!
    And they are so cute yet so usefull!
  3. Icons book - $12.98 at Amazon.com
    I really wanted the big Modern Luxury book but it's way out of price range - I could buy a bag for the price they wanted.
    Also, a mono 6 key holder. When my DH asked how much it was when I was looking at it at LV and she said $180 he said "OK, we'll take it". I think he was shocked that we got out of the store for that little of money. I ended up taking it and another purchase back to fund a bag instead. I hope to get it back in my collection someday.
  4. Lil accessories, bubble rings, hair ties, a hair clip, cles, etc.
  5. Key chains~ $250.00;)
  6. lmao.. I only get £100 from my mum for looking after my brother... so I can't get a proper job so all your cheap fixes are the most I can afford without saving! HOW DEPRESSING :sad:

    no worries :lol:
  7. I would have go with accessories ...I love my valet key chain, LV cup mousquston key chain and koala braclet and they didnt cost too too much ...other than that I think the T&B mini pochette is a good deal too and not incredibly spendy
  8. the little gold chain i just bought. The accordeon wallet chain. to use as a strap for my pochettes. It was $35 + $10 shipping. The only trick is to find them. I guess its hard. I made a lot of phone calls today. and should have at least 1 person calling me back with one. if they find another one if anyone wants it they can have it just pm me.
  9. now that is super cheap.....i dont think theres anything cheaper.

    some people on here say they got theirs for like $20 bucks from their SA

  10. :O! I'm gonna have to try and get one of these!! OFFTOPIC: you think it'd be a nice keychain? :confused1:
  11. probably. well. like for the inside of your bag...you can attach one end to the keys the other to the bag. or loop the other one around and make like a wristlet with your keys? idk if that makes any sense.

  12. thanks!
  13. Scarves.
  14. Bandeaus. I find them very useful.
  15. Bijou Fleurs Phone Charm- $140
    Dragonne Strap $73
    Monogram Multicolor Bandeau $120