What is your brand when it comes to make-ups?

  1. I love Chanel Lipsticks. But when it comes to my face, it's very sensitive and Estee Lauders are the best ones for it. Dunno why. :confused1:
  2. I adore Bobbi Brown for the gel eyeliner, but for everything else...I am a total Bare Minerals lover. I swear, sometimes I feel like a walking infomercial for this stuff.
  3. M.A.C. foundation and lipstick. Probably the best lipgloss for me is from Ulta and I've 40 tubes of various lipgloss. I'm nuts when it comes that stuff. Mascara is drugstore Loreal. It works and it's the same as the expensive stuff.
    If I had to pick one brand and not be allowed to use anything else it'd be M.A.C. I love that stuff :yahoo:
  4. Estee Lauder Maximun cover foundation, everything else MAC, and i always get the Dior palettes they bring out every season
  5. Mac
  6. MAC for color cosmetics; Everyday Minerals for foundation and blush and Maybelline for undereye concealer.
  7. I use MAC tint for my face, I also love their lipglass. I also use Maybeline and Victorias Secret mascara.
  8. Chanel, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura and MAC are my favorites.
  9. I use Nars and Chanel for cheeks and lips, Nars for foundation and powder, MAC and Tarte for eyeliner, Dior for mascara, and Stila for eyeshadow.
  10. mac
  11. I'm a Chanel lover and I found that Chanel cosmetics are quite good too.
  12. I'm a Chanel fan for color and foundation. I also wear Jane Iredale mineral foundation and SK-II.
  13. Armani makes the best foundation EVER!
  14. MAC Stila & Nars overall.

    They're the 3 brands I use most in a day.
  15. bobbi brown, MAC, laura mercier and nars...