What is your boyfriends/husbands name?

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  1. I'm just curious...:amuse:

    What is your boyfriends/husbands or girlfriends/wifes name?

    My bf name is Yoann....it's french and i love it:love:
  2. Quinten, I like the way his name's spelled :love: I've seen it spelled differently.
  3. Its Randell, Randy, I call him Ran. When he was in high school he acutally had a teacher that said, "Did you know Randy is a term for sex in England"? Hmmmm....... why would she tell him that?? He is and was a hottie!
  4. Jeff!!!:love: :love: :love: But I call him DADDY!!!:shame: :lol:
  5. :biggrin: :biggrin: :nuts: :nuts: :amuse: :amuse:
  6. i can't even laugh...i call my husband Daddy sometimes too...especially when my daughter took it upon herself to start calling him by his first name:suspiciou, I started calling him Daddy and she followed suit...now when i want something really badly i call him daddy...:shame:
  7. ^^^ That is THE reason we started doing this MOMMY/DADDY stuff!!!:smile:
  8. Vinh, it's a vietnamese name. We both have the same last name too so no need to change my last name.

    I call him cuddle monster..hahahah
  9. Vlad's LONG name is Vladimir! Haha. I call him all sorts of nick names, which I certainly can not disclose :P :lol: :shame: :love:
  10. my hubby's name is Mark but when the baby is around I call him Daddy.
  11. let's not, please. :lol:
  12. Lou
  13. My wonderful husbands name is Bill
  14. My husband's name is Claudio! I love his name!
  15. My husband is also William, Bill for short!:lol: