What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

  1. i would say my downfalls are:

    popcorn with lots of butter (i just love butter in general)
    haagen dazs ice cream bar

    thankfully, i don't eat them much at all, maybe once a month.... :girlsigh:
  2. For some reason, Doritos. Sick.
  3. Anything deep fried.
  4. takeout of any sort. barbeque (only pulled pork with vinegar-based sauce - i'm a true southerner!) pizza, chinese food, burgers and fries, or to-go from places like On the Border or or basically any places that will make me a chicken quesadilla or panini.

    takeout is ABSOLUTELY the worst food ever for you, worse than prepackaged junk food, so that's basically how i got fat...
  5. Everything. I can eat a box of cereal in a sitting, a pound of beef, a gallon of ice cream. My stomach is unstoppable- you know how most people get very full??? Something about my genes and tummy don't get full... neither does Vlad really. Our poor kids... HAHAHA
  6. I'm with Megs - everything! :lol:
  7. For me, its apple juice and goldfish. Yes, I know I sound like a little kid, but those are just the best foods in the world and I could probably eat them forever and ever and ever. Or sherbert. First off, I love to say it! Sherbert. Sherbert. hehe. Second of all, its cold and tastes fruity! Yummy!
  8. Definitely any flavored ice cream!:tender:
  9. i'm gonna have to go with popcorn! :biggrin:
    and I can't get enough of nachos with cheese and salsa!
  10. Granola bars and cereal. I wish I lived in my own house because I would never have them anywhere near me. I live in a house that's filled with sugary sweets, cereals, cakes, cookies, you name it. I can easily resist chocolate cake, but I can't help myself around granola bars and cereal. Go figure :biggrin:.
  11. Pizza and cake.
  12. Bread, good bread, French bread!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yup I agree. The pizza and cake gets me everytimee!
  14. i don't have a sweet tooth, so anything fried, i am there.
  15. Ice cream or sorbet.