What is your biggest dislike when traveling?

  1. I adore traveling but there are some aspects that are just dreadful.

    My biggest one- I absolutely hate packing!
    I use a carry-on so it takes me FOREVER to pack. I just can't decide what to take or take too much. Literally it takes me days. :tdown:

    I also hate living out of my luggage... I can never find anything when traveling, or its just too messy for me.

    Luckily the positives outweigh the benefits!

    Do you all have anything you dislike when it come to traveling?
  2. I really dislike feeling like I have to carry a large bag (sometimes a camera) with me. I also dislike feeling rushed to see and do everything I want. I want to feel relaxed when I travel. This is hard for me to do the first time I visit a place, but subsequent trips are always much nicer.
  3. hate the packing and deciding what to take and what to leave at home.. once I get to where I'm going, I'm happy :smile:
  4. I kind of enjoy the planning and packing...picking out outfits and shoes and such. I'd say my biggest dislike is trying to narrow down what I'm taking with me...I'm a huge overpacker, and I struggle with that every time I travel. I feel like I need many things "just in case"...and that I must be ready for anything!
  5. I don't mind packing. It's the process of getting where I want to go. Something always goes wrong, whether driving or flying. It's an ordeal. I wish I could just zap myself. Flying used to be more enjoyable. There are too many hoops to jump through between the extra fees, the overbooked flights, quart size bags with all my skin care items, cramped seating.

    I guess my second biggest dislike is something unsatisfactory about the room, if we're in a motel or hotel. Like a bad mattress, no seating other than the bed, poor lighting, tubs that don't drain, etc.
  6. I don't mind the packing (or living out of a suitcase) it's the hassle of having to schlep luggage around once I've gotten to my destination that annoys me the most. Especially when I'm travelling to an area where I don't know someone to come pick me up, it means I've got to schlep my luggage & carry on around with me on a bus/train, etc to try to get to my destination. Also, I hate not knowing where I'm going. I went to Italy 2 summers ago with my family and we must have spent at least 20-30 minutes looking for our hotel in Florence (which ended up being literally across the street from the train station!). I hate it when hotel directions are harder to understand, and you end up lost and in the wrong direction. Once I get to my destination, I'm ok, since I can unload my luggage and I'll always be able to find my way back, but it's the initial finding of the hotel that aggravates me.
  7. I hate totting luggage around, particularly if I'm in a city. And I get super uncomfortable in places where I don't speak the language or can't understand people through their accents.
  8. This. I hate the actual 'travel' part of traveling. Once I'm at my destination I'm fine, even if I have to roll my luggage through half the city. It beats the unnecessary hold-ups at security, long queues for passport control and sitting in cramped plane seats, not to mention the extra hassles if your flight is delayed/cancelled, your bags disappear or the scales at the airport suddenly decide your cases are 10lbs heavier than they were at home.
  9. Unexpected changes in public transportation make me go nuts. Also difficulty to find something to eat after 9pm. Stinky hotel rooms. Mosquitoes.
  10. Reclining seats in airplanes. I do not want to sit with a seat or someone's head in my face for five hours. Just because a person can recline their seat, it doesn't mean that they should. Have some courtesy for fellow travelers.
  11. - people's lack of manners when traveling
    - people crowding around the luggage carousel. how is anyone else suppose to see/claim their bag?!
    - credit card foreign transaction fees

    i can deal with everything else- packing, unpacking, living out of a suitcase, packing light, long flights, delays, airplane food, etc.
  12. getting lost
  13. Throwing up in the airplane!!

    I get sick on long flights... usually from being overly tired, the smell from the food and the feeling of landing. BLAH!
  14. The baggage limit! I have so much stuff to bring!
  15. I hate un-packing.

    I hate finding great stuff to buy and then realizing it's too heavy or too big to take back with me.

    I hate when half the clothes in my suitcase are dirty and separated into a plastic bag, it still feels unclean to have it near my clean clothes.

    I hate having to wear "practical walking shoes"

    I hate feeling so dehydrated on the plane no matter how much water I drink.

    But I love travelling and could never ever give it up! :biggrin: