What is your best traveling bag?

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  1. Looking for an idea for next coming up trip! Thank you!
  2. #2 Mar 24, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
    Honestly? Longchamp Le Pilage in size large. I often use my Totally MM also but prefer Longchamp because I can set them on scuzzy floors of planes and bathrooms and clean them up with soap and water or wipes. I usually bring a few because they fold up so small and flat. They make great beach bags too! I'm actually in Cabo right now and have three with me! I also bring Eva for dinners.
  3. I use Longchamp Le Pliage ref 1624 for the beach all the time too. It's the perfect bag for that! :cool:
  4. Longchamp for the plane ride but inside I usually take two small cross body bags for out and about.
  5. I agree with img and fabuleux, I use the le pliage neo Longchamp. I still wish I could bring LV though haven’t found an equivalent in terms of smooshiness and a bag with a zip that flies under the radar.

    To compensate I bring my Eva and other LV slgs to use at destination.
  6. Delightful GM (discontinued) or Chanel deauville tote (not to be confused with LV deauville) for fashion-conscious travel. For business when I can't be too flashy, Tumi tote.
  7. I always bring my Neverfull GM whenever I travel.
  8. Mick MM...rolled up inside my keepall 45 (for the ride there). What a pair. =)
  9. Should I use my Metis hobo? Will that be too flashy?
  10. Neverfull gm in damper ebene. It's looks super chic but still flies under the radar (both conservative business wise and airplane wise), I also have to agree with almost everyone on this forum and go with long champs le pliage. I have the Eiffel Tower tote and get compliments on it whenever I wear it
  11. Yup, what she said. This is my airplane purse.
    I always pack a cross body too
  12. Ugh... I sold my Neverfull MM last year! No more tote bag! The closer one is Metis hobo... I think it might be too flashy!
  13. It depends on where you're going and what you'll be doing. I bring my Metis hobo when I travel to cities where it will blend in (i.e., LV is common) and when I know I'll be in a relatively safe place (meeting room, hotel conference room, etc). But if I were to tour and have a high likelihood of being distracted or in a crowd, I bring a low-key bag with a zip. Eva or pochettes also work for me as I wear them with the short strap.

    I hope you have a good trip!
  14. Longchamp large travel bag, with my neverfull inside and longchamp totes, large and small. Low key and can take a beating!
  15. Maybe I'm old school but I love my north face backpack for traveling. The straps are padded & very comfy and never cause me any pain no matter how stuffed it is. Plus I love the organized zipper pocket with all of its slots! Keeps my laptop nice and protected too so always a good bag =]