What is your BEST Marshell's ( or any other outlet) find?

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  1. I know i read about many of you ladies ( and gentlemen) Finding great stuff at Marshells, but what's your favorite alltime find/best deal. Me I would have to say the one fantastic day I went in just to browse and came out with 2 Cole Haan leather bags $70 ea (retailed for 350 and 230) a CK collections silk skirt w/ the NM tag still on it for $59 retailed for $450.... and a big smile on my face :biggrin:

    what about you ladies ?
  2. It got a great deal at TJ Maxx on BCBG Max Azria track pants and matching jacket. They retailed for $110 and $150 respectively. I paid $15 for each.
  3. I think the best buy was Hanro underwear for something like $5.00 each when the retail was well over $35.00. Was able to stock up and enjoy........the camis were under $10.00 and retail for $54.00. I buy so many of my kids clothing there. My biggest regret was wanting this white round bistro table with a pink and blue floral mossiac top for $59.00 but it would't fit in the car so I had to pass. I still think of how perfect that would have been for my house.
    What about Loehmans and Syms?????
  4. Either my Coach wallet that was exactly what I was looking for ($100) or my Lodis briefcase which, while not anything I was looking for, is still quite lovely ($130). Both were about 50% off retail.
  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have around 5 of them in different colors. Some with rhinestones and some without. Mine were $19.99 for ea piece and the ones from Loehmans were $49.99 for the set.
  6. me too! I got the chocolate velour set - way cute!
  7. Paper Denim Cloth Jeans for $30, Cole Haan bag for $55 (originally $350), and Coach sandals for $49.
  8. prolly a 200$ D&B purse for 75 :biggrin: I was so estatic about that! just got a 80$ Le Tigre track jacket for 25...there is also these this one deginer(s) called matt & nat that make vegan purses and my sister is a vegitarian, so, I got one for 5 bucks, it reatiled for over 60! Still mad i passed on a different D&B purse at 1/2 off...i left it there not thinking i'd get much use out of it and then went home and wanted it. went back a couple of days later and of course it was gone lol.
  9. From Marshalls:

    Coach summer shoes - $70.00
    Isaac M. Sandals - $60.00

    Both were past season

    I also picked up the cutest Hype bag.
  10. My best find was at a TJMaxx. I picked up 3 pieces of Hartmann luggage (one carry and two pulls on wheels). Can't remember the exact original retail -- about $250 for the carry tote and $500 and $650 for the others. They were marked at $75, $125 and $150 and I grabbed them! When I got to the checkout they were ANOTHER 40% off those prices.

    I spent the rest of the day racing around to the other stores hoping to find more! Never did. Was thrilled with the 3 pieces I got (and they matched!) and still use them to this day!
  11. Oh - and last week I found a Juicy wristlet in the shape of a heart for $6.99 (was $39.99 TJMaxx price) and a Lulu Guiness cosmetics bag for $10 (retail was around $70?).
  12. At the outlet, this white cotto GAP jacket for $9.99. Very summery!
  13. I have tons of find at outlet Gucci rhinestone sunglasses 39.00, I love D&G logo avaitor sunglasses 16.00, Juicy whits skirt 19.99, James purse white coat 19.99, hardtail top 12.99, Le Tigre track jacket 29.99, and many others. ihave a TJ Maxx and Marshalls store right near my house. I also find a ton of great deals at OFF Saks fifth
  14. At TJ max I got a white formal top Giorgio Armani the orig tag said $450 I paid $29:biggrin:
  15. I got the chocolate one too! :love:
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