What is your best LV deal


Jan 6, 2006
I would love to go straight to LV to buy everything, but I've gotten some great deals from other sellers and have fun with looking all over ebay. Just curious if other people are like that too? I enjoy bidding on Ebay and emailing the sellers for deals. I don't want to buy brand new bags unless I really love it and plan to use it for a very long time. For instance, I bought a brand new (never used) Popincourt haut for $700 from a reputable seller. Saved only $100, but it was fun.

Also a Damier wallet for $100 (retail for over $250). What about you?


@LV Princess@
Dec 10, 2005
ayla said:
38$ for a multicolore cles.. it wasn't in great condition, but awesome to have it kicking around.

63$ for a mint condition monogrammed cles.

OMG they are some really great deals you have their wow..

I have brought all my bags off from ebay as I too enjoy the whole experience as well as you save some $$$

My best saver was probably a trade that I did on another board a while ago it was not on ebay but I traded my CB pink pouchette in Jan 2004 for a white MC Alma that was brand new ... I thought that was a great deal LOL

Also on another board I purchased my fuchsia wallet for $300 , what a bargain :biggrin:

On ebay my best deal was probably my CB PTI wallet which I won for $300 and it was brand new -- this was in 2004 also -- so they had not been out for too long .. I also remember the same seller who is a mypoupette seller was also selling a r/c CB PTI BNWT and it went for $280 :Push:.. at the time though I did not know too much about the CB line otherwise I would have snapped that one up also :P This was before there was such a bit craze around LV on ebay .


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
melisande said:
That's so interesting. I've bought some bags on ebay, but I've not dared to experiment with LV, I'm just so scared about being scammed... I'm glad that the real deals do exist!

They do, but you really have to be patient in looking. I'm addicted though !! Every time I walk into a LV boutique now, I'm always thinking how much I could get the items for on eBay ! :Push:


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
There are some good deals, you just gotta weed them out. Unfortunately I am not familiar with LV at al so I do some reading and researchign and ask for other people's opinions on top of that.


Dec 29, 2005
All 3 of my LV's in my avatar are from eBay (they are all authentic)

The speedy 25 is in perfect condition inside and out- just has a nice patina- I paid $345 and it came w/the shoulder strap. I don't like long shoulder straps so I resold the strap for $100 on eBay. So that makes the speedy like $300 off the retail price.

My multicolore pochette is brand new, just has light patina- but you can tell it hasn't been used, its perfect- I got that for $330- so that's like $200 off retail.

My CB pochette is in brand new condition and the leather is still very very light- I paid the most for this- it was $495. I'm not sure how much the CB pochette originally retailed for.