what is your best feature and how do you accentuate it?

  1. Everyone has something about themselves that we all covet, whether it be a luscious pout, long legs, or high cheek bones, what do you love about yourself the most and how do you accentuate it? share the love baby!
  2. My two most complimented facial features are my chin and brows funny enough. I accentuate my jaw with laura mercier mineral powder bronzer and my eyebrows are all my threadist. I'm told i have decent sized eyes so I want to play them up this season with smokey makeup.
  3. Maybe my lips because they're pretty full but I don't like wearing gloss or lipstick for some reason, draws too much attention so I'd say natural looks best.
  4. My eyes and my hair. I'm a complete eye shadow/liner/mascara junkie and also with hair products. I like my hair but every day it's a different battle. Check out my avatar...it normally never goes in that "s" wave with my bangs...too funny!
  5. I love my eyes. I wear long lash mascara to bring them out and a lil black eyeliner on top and bottom of my eyes.
  6. Well, my legs are prob. my best feature, but I'm at an age where it doesn't feel appropriate to play them up, if you kwim.

    I'd then pick eyes, but I haven't a clue about shadows. I use a light color on the lid and mascara...sometimes eyeliner and that's it.

    I need lessons!
  7. My lips and my skin. I have full lips and I wear gloss to accentuate them. My skin is very pale and... well I don't know what I do to accentuate that, I just don't fight against it I guess lol!
  8. I look more asian than British so people are always amazed when I tell them I am half British because my eyes are so big. I accentuate them with mascara, liquid eyeliner, and sometimes a little bit of pearl eyeliner to make them POP. :smile:

    I also get compliments on my legs a lot. They are very slim and long. I wear skirts to show them a lot but never mini skirts. I think that's trashy. Call me old fashioned but I am very conservative when it comes to showing skin. :push:
  9. Probably my lips and eyes. I have really pouty lips and huge eyes. I play up my eyes by using liquid eyeliner and good mascara. A lot of the times I forget/don't care to put on lip gloss, but if I have the time I use MAC lipgloss to give a nice color and shine to my lips.
  10. Same thing with me..I look more asian than hispanic!
  11. People don't realize I'm indian, I looked very spanish as a child, and now people just don;t know where to place me.

    Also my legs, I love wearing full sleeves and something mid/lower thigh. or skinny jeans. I'm oddly porportioned actually, I have long arms that have garnered many a joke, and long legs, and a short torso.
  12. My lips, definitely. I really like their shape and the fact that they're kinda full but not Angelina full. Usually play them up with a nice shimmery gloss and minimal makeup on the rest of my face.
  13. ^^your dog is too cute missmustard!
  14. Eyes - I love my eye shape and play it up with smoky eyes and false lashes.

    Lips - I love bright lips if I'm not doing dramatic eyes. MAC Pink Poodle, sexy!

    Legs - gorgeous heels and some Lancome Star Bronzer
  15. I would say my eyes. I always have on eyeliner, shadow, and mascara unless I'm really REALLY sick or something.