what is your best buy in outlet shops?

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  1. what is your best buy in outlet shops???
  2. 32 bucks for a quilted coach purse/pouch. and 17 bucks for the black signature mini skinny but i guess that doesn't really count since it was at bloomys. outletlike price though! :biggrin:

    i haven't really bought anything at the dior or gucci outlets.. they weren't that great when i went there. :sad:
  3. I always seem to do pretty good at the outlet shops. I got a Tod's tote for 40% off retail. I got a Cole Haan leather bag with the discount and another 25% off it came to less than a hundred dollars! I also got a Via Spiga leather shoulder bag in chocolate brown for about $170. If you go to the outlets frequently you can usually make a good score.
  4. Whaaaaa...There aren't any outlets where I live, so no real bargins for me!
  5. I know I could save $$$ but outlets and stores like them drive me crazy. I need all of my items hanging in the right spots with easy access to sizes. I am not a hunter.
  6. I tend to agree - except I have tried many outlets and have never found any bargains that I really liked enough to buy - If I don't really like something a great deal, I don't want it even if it's free - Some of my friends will convince themselves they like something because it is such a great deal.
  7. I got a Tod's suede satchel for $250 (org price ~$1000) and an Earl Jeans jacket for $150 (org price ~$600).
  8. I bought a purple suede wristlet from Coach for $20, but their outlet hasn't been that good lately. My best buy was at the Neiman Marcus outlet in NJ, its a red and white flowered Burberry trench that was originally $995 and I got it for $115!!!!!!! And my Kate Spade velvet ballet flats that I got at the Saks outlet, I have them in pink and blue, they were $60, originally $200.
  9. I think my greatest and best deal was $160 for the Christian Dior golf cylinder bag and it still retails $640 on eluxury =>
  10. Even though I didn't find any deals on handbags at the Ralph Lauren outlet, I did find a smoking deal on sweaters! The real heavy cotton RL sweaters that were orig retailing for $80 had been reduced to $20 so I snatched up 3 in my size! He is my all-time favorite designer b/c of all his clean lines and preppy style. I was very proud of myself!:P
  11. Nordstrom Rack is hit or miss, but I have got some pretty awesome shoe deals there, the last some loafer like Via Spiga shoes for $20. One day I saw some killer Coach shoes for $40 but they could never find the mate. Also have gotten some great deals at Marshall's cool western inspired black Via Spiga hobo a few years ago that still looks current for $80. Banana Republic outlet, Wool V-neck Sweater for $12.
  12. i bought a ralph lauren blazer for $90 instead of $400.