What is your best bag purchase of 2008??

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  1. Now that the new year is beginning and we are all purchasing new bags for the new year. I am wondering what was your best bag purchase of 2008? Also, what was it about the bag that made it so special? Was it the killer price you got it for, a style you were trcaking down, etc.

    Let's spill the best bag purchase of 2008!!

    Mine was the Hayden Harnett Clara Flap bags in both black Zeus, and Yam. I got both of these at one of their crazy end of the year sales and I just adore the bag. It is perfect for me!! I love the size, leathers, design, etc.
  2. kooba elisha....got it for $225, and am glad i did. i just cant wait to use it, since i got it in white, i have to wait a bit :sad:
  3. My best purchase was my Belen Echandia Black Crash TME Midi.

    This is the perfect bag for me in terms of style, size, and function. It is comfortable to wear, stylish, and very lightweight. The TME Midi has great organization, can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style, and works with both casual and business clothes. The Black Crash leather is beautiful and very durable - not a single sign of wear after using it just about every single day for the past 3 months.
  4. Tough question! I bought a lot of bags in 08 for fantastic prices! Maybe it was my HH Ibiza Flight Tote for $60?
  5. gotta be my last purchase of 2008.. mj sunburst stam that i got for $400!
  6. All great purchases ladies!!
  7. My best purchase is my Belen Echandia Black Crash I'm Yours Tote. It's not a bag I'd take out shopping or to dinner or to anything, but it is perfect for work. It fits my lap top and files, and has the perfect interior pockets! I also love how it's professional, yet fun. Plus, I picked it up on sale!

    A close second is another BE, my dark grey matte Stroke Me Medium. It's a great every day bag, again has perfect interior pockets. Plus, it is THE perfect grey leather. I've been looking for a grey bag for a year or so now and was so happy to find this one!
  8. Wow, this is a tough one, I purchased 5 bags on sale and a gorgeous wallet this last quarter of 2008, all were amazing deals. I guess my fav is the Gucci Python Hysteria, on sale from $4190 to $1385, but all my Bottega Venetas ($2480 to $1700, $2300 to $1350, and $3000 down to $1333, wallet $590 to $295) made me fall in love and my most recent purchase the Alexander McQueen Skull clutch (from $990 to $551) is just so cute and edgy. Okay, love them all, hard to pick, but I'll stay with the Gucci.
    gucci python hysteria.jpg bv rugiadas.jpg bv marmo roma.jpg mcqueen clutch.jpg mcqueen clutch3.jpg
  9. My Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35.:yahoo:

    I absolutely LOVE the 35 size!!!!
  10. ^^

    Gorgeous Gucci!!

    Keep the pics coming everyone.
  11. My Louis Vuitton Beaubourg, that I got for $600
  12. I would say a tie between the YSL Rive Gauche in grey & the medium YSL Muse II in pink/blue combination. But then, these 2 are my only bag purchases last year :tup:
  13. LV Mahina L in Noir. I've been drooling over it for so long and finally got it at the end of 2008!
  14. My best bags are my 3 LV's. Two speedy 25's and a baggy pm.
  15. my best purchase of 2008 was my Prada Fairy Astro bag:



    :love: i didn't put my name on the waitlist til way late. only one more shipment was expected, and my name was quite down there, so my chances didn't look good. :nogood: but thanks to my persistence and constantly nagging my SA, she was able to find me a colored fairy (the exact color i really wanted, but never told her - as they were only expecting the white ones). ahhhh, it was meant to be! :love: