What Is Your All-time Favorite Tokidoki Print?

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  1. I just got into TOKIDOKI a few weeks ago (as some of you may already know because you helped me pick out which Amore and Pirata bags to keep) but I just recently exchanged one of the four bags I bought from Macy's (I couldn't decide originally) for a Spiaggia BV. I've finally used it today and I absolutely love the bag. I'm particularly in love with the print. It's simply awesome for the summer season!

    So my question to you ladies is...WHAT IS YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORTIE TOKIDOKI PRINT?


  2. goodness gracious! I'm so sorry for the size of the pictures! I thought I re-sized them
  3. Beautiful print! I loove too many of the prints to pick just one!
  4. this is a popular quesiton, lol. i think someone made a poll about this? but anyway! mine is foresta! :] i love green! i love the theme
  5. Yea, there's a poll about this that you can look at.

    For me, I like amore best for now. I'm not sure after trasporto or vacanze is released tho...Maybe I will like them more than amore :P
  6. Definitely Foresta for me !
  7. Toss up between foresta and amore, but the adios and ciao ciao make me like amore more right now.. . . Now I just need to find something with monkeys AND adios.
  8. Foresta. I liked Spiaggia, but after I examined it longer, it seems like it was kind of lazily drawn or maybe the characters are not as sharp???
  9. I :heart:Lamore!
  10. I like both lamore and paradiso but I started to love pirata too...
  11. I love inferno.
  12. Amore, Foresta are tied for #1. Followed closely by Paradiso and Spiaggia...I guess I really have a top 4 :lol:
  13. I'm with you, TokidokiAngel, I adore Inferno. First print I got, print I most love!! Maybe it's the Goth in me?
  14. For the moment, my favorite all-time print is Amore. I just can't help it lol.
  15. I love amore, but I love anything with the sexy girls on it and lots of colour! I have yet to buy my first bag though.